CGIN high grade found - help!!


I've been told today that hey lletz results showed high grade cgin...  I had my last check up 11 months ago when they found cin1 which now appeaso to have gone but I now have a new abnormality.  

feels like there is less info about cgin, it's worrying how they didn't find it 11months ago and now it's high grade cgin.

has anybody else had similar? 

Hi Roxy85, just thought i would offer some support as i too was told i have high grade CGIN and high risk HPV. they found this following my biopsy results and on Tuesday i had the LLETZ and top hat procedure under GA. i agree there is very little info out there for cgin so my only advice would be to stick to sites such as this one rather than google!! I panicked myself silly reading all the horror stories i found thru google!! How are u feeling following your LLETZ? Did you have clear margins following the procedure? I am anxiously awaiting my results now so fingers crossed they have got it all for now!! Anyways, take care and try not to worry.. There are plenty of ladies on here who have been treated successfully for cgin :-) xx

Hi Louise3112, thanks so much for your reply. I’m sorry to hear what you’re been going through.

I’ve been told that they are happy they got all the cells but I didn’t specifically ask what the margins were but they seemed confident that it had gone. What I don’t understand is the chances it will come back or not.

I’m ok after my lletz, I had it last Monday and it was fine until the Friday, no bleeding or anything really but that has started now but nothing too bad, the odd bit of pain too so I think maybe I tried to get back to normal too quickly and overdid it. That’s my excuse for putting my feet up anyway!!

I feel really anxious that in 11 months since my last smear this high grade cgin appears to have come about, it feels like a short time to have gotten to that stage. My (very probably flawed logic) makes me think that if I’m healthy in terms of diet etc which I really am and my body still can’t fight the hpv, surely it will just come back? I’m waiting to be referred to a private consultant to discuss this further next week but that’s the worry keeping me awake at night!! Any thoughts?

I hope that the results come back soon and that it is positive news. When do you expect to get them? Xx

Hi Roxie…well done you for having the lletz but I too agree there is more emphasis on cin (certainly in the initial nhs leaflet i was given.) My smears have all been normal except for 1 about 14yrs ago. I don’t recall it being classified but when i returned for my check up after only a punch biopsy it had returned to normal…that is until last year. A borderline smear turned into 2 lletz (first didn’t have clear margins) which came back as cin3 & cgin3. Like you I was shocked i had gone from ok to high grade just like that. My gp told me hpv can lie dormant & he thinks if there had been a test 14yrs ago he’s sure it would have shown. I virus i was told can reappear anytime & the body ordinarily would fight it though take up to 2 years so clear. So my feeling is that this time my smear landed as the hpv was at its highest & that before my smears hit when it was dormant. I’m seeing the consultant next week for an update but this site is invaluable & I now look nowhere else but here. As i told my gp, it’s not WHAT i have to deal with but good clear information that is the priority. With good info/advice I can make better informed choices. Good luck Roxie x