CGIN and CIN3 - So Scared

Hi everyone,
I was given an emergency appointment over 3 wks ago due to an abnormal smear which showed I had CIN3 AND CGIN - I had loop treatment and a biopsy and was told I would have the results in 4 wks which will be on the 16th.
I have convinced myself that there is something wrong as I have lower back pain and don’t get full periods as I am in the pill but often get spotting and cramping that has no pattern to it.
Can some1 please give me some advise or tell me their experience as all my GP keeps saying to me is its a serious, worrying result but that she is not a specialist and to wait to hear from the colopscopy specialist.
In a way I feel guilty for getting myself in such a state as I don’t actually know there is anything wrong yet.
Thank you
Lollipop x

Hi Lollipop, I'm waiting for results from my lletz, too. Mine are due tomorrow and I know the closer it gets, the worse the anxiety is! 

I know what you mean about feeling guilty too, I don't want to even mention it to people because it's nothing until the results come back saying otherwise. 

I have found this place a help, and I'm sorry I can't offer any other advice to you but hang on in there xx

Hi lollipop,

Please have a read through my posts as I have been on the same journey. I had cgin and cin3 a year ago. I had lettz treatment successfully and was also very scared after my results as cgin throws up lots of questions as it's more unusual. But you will be monitored very well by your colposcopy department. I am due my yearly smear in September at my gp. I have rung them lots and they answered my questions don't be afraid to ask them. I had a clear smear smear and biopsy at my 6 month check.. xx