CGIN 3 Severe?



I am new to this website, infact new to all of this!!!


So I am really concerned because in July 2014 I was told after a smear that I have CGIN Severe Cells? I delayed the process because of my situation at the time. But I had my LLETZ under general anestetic last Wednesday and now I am waiting for the results. To begin with I was hounded by colposcopy to treat this as important which kind of scared me away. The consultant that I have now is really chilled and tells me not to worry. So why all of the importance in the begining?


If it ok does anyone mind having a chat with me just to ease my mind because I have not had a smear since 2004 apart from the one i had in July this year. I have had pain during intercourse abnormal bleeding although not heavy, just irregular... 


I dont know just feel alone on this one and a bit confused as to what maybe happening to my body???...


I have read some of the posts and I feel like a right whimp, all of you women are very strong and have coped amazingly!!!! 


So My abnormal result was 26th July CGIN severe

Refered to colposcopy but didnt attend (being a whimp)

Went to Colposcopy 15th October and was advised surgery for LLETZ would be within next few weeks

LLETZ under general Wednesday 12th November

I am 33 years of age

Awaiting results,

Can someone tell me what happens next??????????


Thank you 


Amelia x

Hi Amelia,

Waiting for the results is so horrible! The old imagination goes all over the place and I really feel for you. There are a couple of things I thought about when reading your post. I wonder if the hounding from colposcopy was because they were really worried you weren't going to do anything about it. The consultant is probably more chilled because now you are in the system and doing something about it!

I was worried when I had to have a LLETZ in early October but I was pretty sure they would treat the pre-cancerous cells and that would be it. I was really shocked when I got called in and they said it was CC. Couldn't quite believe it! After a couple of days of denial, I became unbearably anxious. I could barely breathe. So I contacted the colposcopy nurse and rambled on about my fears. She is used to getting those phone calls and calmed me down considerably. That and the support from the lovely people on this forum helped me get cope during that awful time. I've now had the MRI, been staged as 1b1 and have my pre-op for a radical hysterectomy on Wed. I feel (mostly!) calmer now.


You could try calling your colposcopy clinic for reassurance - they might be able to help. It's so sad to hear you're going through this but I'm sure you're in very good hands. We all know that worrying doesn't help but it can be hard to stop! This forum is great because people know how you feel and I have been really inspired by how many women are "just getting in with it". It makes me think that I can too and that calms me down. I hope it has the same effect on you! Hang on in there, try to get some reassurance from your health team and be pleased that they're looking after you. Sending you hugs!

Kirsty x

P.S. Stay away from Dr Google and feel free to pm me! :) 

Hi Amelia

Results seem to take 2-4 weeks, you will have a letter or a phone call, did they say? They will look at what they removed to see if it shows they have removed all the abnormal cells. From then on decide when to call you back for either a smear/colposcopy/further treament, whatever the results are like.


Hope you are recovering well from your treatment. X

So since the lleits op I still have not heard anything, I tried calling my doc yesterday but nothing has come back yet... Do I need to be having a MRI, should my doc or the colposcopy be initiating a scan of some sort??

Thank you so much for your responses this has been very useful and kirsty I always avoid Mr Google he can be quite a taunt in times as such!!! xx

Good luck with your op and thank you for your understanding as its really tough especially when I dont understand everything they are saying... I will PM you if you have time to talk later and please let me know how your op goes xxxx

Thank you suz2 


Its becoming a real worry for me and just feels like depending on the results my life could be turned upside down in a second.... I will try my best to stay grounded and and wait for the results then decide my next move... I guess thats all we can do really xxx


I am fine apart from a few pains here and there, I have a lot of trouble at the moment with swollen ankles and burning sensations in my right leg, but this could just be wear and tear lol... I will keep you updated xxx


Thank you for you reply it really helps xx



I believe an MRI is only suggested if you receive a diagnosis of cancer. The chances of this are very slim though and its far more likely that you will get a letter saying what the cell types were, and confirming that they were all removed (clear margins).

I hope you don't have to wait too much longer, the waiting is just horrible, I wish you could in and gett everything over and done with in 1 day!

Hi Amelia, 

On Monday I went for my colposcopy appointment at Bath RUH. I was very nervous before my appointment and actually cried when I got in when the specialist asked if I was ok. I had an awful experience prior to this with my GP who scared me by her lack of knowledge of CGIN . At the appointment I was given a lletz procedure, but the Dr reassured me there was no sign of cancerous cells and hopes this is the only treatment I will need. I was told to ring the hospital in 2 weeks and they could give me the results over the phone. I'm still nervous waiting but feel much happier after the colposcopy appointment. I would keep ringing you are not alone waiting. Hope you get good results soon xx 

Thank you caroline I have been calling them everyday and still nothing??? I guess I will just have to wait and see ... I hope you get good news and dont have to wait too long either xxx

Hey Amelia, 

just try and remember although it's hard your not alone if you ever need to chat let me know. Praying for good results for everyone x 

Hi cheeky amelia

im going through the exact same...I found this out last Friday after finishing a flight! 

i feel scare, worried and everything in between.  I'm having treatment this Friday.  Have you had yours yet?are you able to reassure me? 

i really hope you and everyone else are ok... Fingers crossed for good news. X