CGIN cone biopsy next thursday. HELP!!

Hi guys im new to the forum but ive read through a lot of posts.

Ive been HPV+ for about 8 years…
3 years ago abnormal borderline changes,
No further action required after punch biopsies.

Normal smears since.

-Smear this year in march,
Received a letter for colposcopy for urgernt 2 week pathway referral and a letter that said abnormal changes detected but didnt say what changes.

-went to colposcopy a week later, as soon as i got there the consultant said it had detected CGIN (didnt state if this was high grade or low grade) and said id be booked in for cone biopsy under GA.

-had a look at cervix and said he easnt concerned about how it looks. Didnt do a colposcopy just had a very quick look.

-booked in to have my cone biopsy on 13th april and im very anxious.
Never had a GA before, not allowed anyone to come with me and im scared about what will be found.

Any advice on what to expect, recovery, can i bath? How long off work? And also if anyones had a similar experience, what was the result of your cone biopsy?

Many thanks ladies!

Hi i also had cgin and had lletz under ga, it was fine not as scary as i expected bit of pain afterwards so rested and took pain killers and i had bleeding for 4 weeks but not everyone does. I took a week off work and i personally needed that long. My results came back cgin and cin3 no clear margins so had 2nd lletz but under local anaesthetic that time and just had results that only cin1 found on that biopsy so i have to go back for a smear in 6 months time. Good luck x

Thankyou for your message.
I had my procedure yesterday and all went well. They ended up doing “top hat” which i beleive just means they took a little bit more. Quite uncomfortable today but not too much bleeding as of yet.
Now just the long wait for the results :crossed_fingers: