Confused by biopsy results

hi to everyone,

I have been a silent viewer of this site since my first smear test at the age of 25 came back with abnormalities. Since then i have had a colposcopy which led to a LLETZ on the same day and then a two week wait for biopsy results. I came home Friday to the dredded letter saying they needed to speak to me about the results. I went in today and was told some confusing information but I think once you hear the word cancer your mind switches off anyway. I was told I have 3 difference cell abnormalities. CIN3 which I was told I had after my smear anyway, CGIN (something to do my my glands which I have yet to research) and a small area of squamous cells which she said was cancer. Apparenlt having all 3 is rare?! I have been booked in for a cone biopsy on the 13th and was marked as urgent which scared me. The CIN3 and CGIN have no clear margins from LLETZ hence the cone biopsy but she said the squamous cells where clear but only by 1mm on one side which im thinking is not a lot. So basically can they find more damage further up? Has anybody had anything similar and after a cone they have had to have further treatment? I'm a worse case scenario kind of girl, I like to be informed but I think my doctor was babying me as I'm only 25. She did not even mention the word cancer until my mum asked she just said the name of the cells. I'm just anxious of a 3 week wait for my op and then more waiting for another set of biopsy results.

thanks in advance for any help or advice and sorry for my essay!


Hi Hannah

I had (hopefully) CIN1, High-grade CGIN and cancer. I had a cone biopsy and they got clear margins of cancer but not of the CGIN so I just had a cold knife cone biopsy (another) on Tuesday.

I feel positive that will be it now and I can move on. CGIN is more rare and cannot not be seen unless it is cut away but cone biopsies seem quite successful.

Message if you need anything else answered.


Hey Hannah! :-)

I don't think it's especially unusual for somebody to have both CIN3 & CGIN at the same time. It's also not a rarity for somebody to have CIN3 along with a small patch of squamous-cell carcinoma. So try not to worry, you aren't part of a freak show! :-)

The part of your cervix closest to your vagina and visible quite easily to a gynaecologist having a look with a speculum is covered with 'squamous cells' which are quite like skin. Further up your cervix as it becomes a tube connecting your vagina to your womb the cells become 'glandular' or 'non-squamous'.

CIN3 is the name given to pre-cancerous squamous cells at the vagina end of the cervix. CGIN is the name given to pre-cancerous non-squamous cells a bit further up and closer to your womb. Squamous cell carcinoma is CIN3 that has actually taken the step to convert from pre-cancerous to cancerous.

Assuming that you are in Britain, doctors tend not to 'baby' you, they are expected to tell you the whole truth (unlike where I live!) It's very difficult I know but do try not to worry yourself too much. Try to think that you are simply on a conveyor belt to getting better. It's not the fastest conveyor belt in the world but it gets the job done. It's the doctor's responsibility to understand all this stuff and to give you the right treatment. Trusting them to do this is loads easier than trying to research it all for yourself and understand it. A cone biopsy may very well be the only treatment you need :-)

Please ask the women here anything you need to know and keep as far away from Google as you can :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi, thanks for both of your replies.

What is classed as clear margins? The squamous cells I have only had clear margins by 1mm which seems tiny. I think I'm just worrying that, although the cone biopsy is a treatment and I'm lucky it was in early stages so fingers crossed it will do the trick, when they do it they will find more problems further up. I can't cope with the waiting and the unknown.

Thanks Hannah xx

Hi Hannah.


You've had some great words of advise so far. I was diagnosed with 1b1 in May, including CIN 3 and squamous cells that was diagnosed from my lletz. I then had to have a cone biopsy which removed all the squamous cells- but they're keeping an eye on the CIN cells for me.


Positively- when they went in to remove the Ca- they found very little (just 1mm) so most was removed with lletz. Cone biopsy's are very successful . And with it being a slow    Progression your surgery date sounds nice and early. Not sure what they measure as clear margins. Someone maybe able to tell you or you can check before our op.


I had my op in July- all went well, had no complications and back to work and normality after a little break. 


All the best xx

Thanks for your reply Rhi,

Im so pleased my date is early (just over a week now!)  I'm getting married in December so the consultant I met when I got my results said she would mark me urgent so that I'm hopefully all back to normal by then. Im optimistic the cone will be alls I need and I'll recover fine it's just the waiting for the results of biopsies that I struggle with. The best thing is I'll be on 6 monthly smears at hospital for next few years and then annually for the next 10 years. I think that really gives you piece of mind for the future, although my daughter is 5 and we are wanting another child so once all of this is over we have been advised that sooner rather than later. 

I'm on my 8 day countdown now :-) 

Hannah xx

I had certainly found my dancing feet after 2 months so you'll be so ready to hit that dance floor and celebreate your wedding. What a time to be going through this... So glad they've got you a date so you have a good amount of recovery time. Best of luck with the Wedding planning :) and the op... keep us posted xxx