Help please

Hi there i posted a while back worried about being sent for a colcoscopy since then it has been a world wind of appointments i was wondering if anyone could give some advice i had my colcoscopy got a phone call with results which was high grade CIN and highgrade CGIN got an appointment for loop treatment next day... now have another letter telling me my biospy has shown precancerous change in the glandular cells which is involving the margin of the loop.. im not too sure of this part?? I need to have another appointment  to discuss results further management plan can anyone shed any light on what will be likely treatment discussed as have already finished my family with 3 young girls but only 25? Just worried a lot of people have told me not to worry as if it was serious then they would have seen me sooner but i dont see it thaf way and find it a bit insensitive thank youx

Hi Becky,

I believe they are saying they found CGIN present in the margins of the tissue they removed in the loop. I think this would mean they did not get 'clear margins'. When they do the procedure they visualize the area they want to remove, and usually will remove a small area that looks 'normal' around the outside the abnormality to ensure they got it all out. If there is CGIN in the outermost margin of the tissue, then they know it extends further than what they got out during the first loop. I would assume the next step is either another loop to see if they can get it all, or perhaps a cone biopsy, but I'm not a medical professional so that is just what I would think. I'm sure everything will turn out just fine!

Hope this helped a little bit. Best of luck to you!


Exactly as serhunt said!

You'll probably need another lletz or cone. Best of luck to you xx

 Thank you for getting back to me got an appointment on thursday so will see where we go from here