Cgin and cancer fears

So I am hoping someone might be able to help with my anxiety here. I had positive smear last year, lletz in April 2022 eith cgin without clear margins, a further lletz in june with clear margins. In November i had test of cure (colpscopy and smear) and it came back with nothing visable on tge colposcopy but from the smear high risk hpv, cgin again high grade changes. I have opted for a hysterectomy. I am just concerned about the chance that i might have a cancer lurking about and undetected. The gynaecologist was pretty sure it was not cancer, but he did say that the abnormal cells pucjed up in the Nov smear were likely there from April 2022? With gcin where are the cells on the cervix positioned could cancer be inside the flesh if the cervix and not visable? Apologies for the ramble,TIA

From what i understand, cgin is from the glands up inside the cervix and thats why they cant be seen in coplpscopy. I have just had lletz for smear result that couldnt be seen on colposcopy so no biopsy was taken and so no cin/cgin result yet.

Im also worries about cancer being up inside the cervix due to symptoms ive been complaining about for a few years. Ive had ultrasounds which have shown nothing, but that cant see the inside of the cervix.

I hope this is helpful, im sorry i dont have any answers, i think my advice would be to ask the surgen or doctor for best answers to this. Please do share though if you find out, it would be helpful for me to know too