ladies diagnosed with gcin....your experience please.

Hi ladies,

Had my results post letz this week. Which confirmed cin3 which the consultant told me during the colposopy. It also showed that I had GCIN as well. Thankfully no signs of cc were detected which I'm so thankful for. The GCIN result was confusing as i hadn't heard of this before. After some research on here and the web. I'm worried there may be further cells inside the cervical canal that the doctor was unable to see with the naked eye. I phoned and spoke to the colposopy nurse who said its highly unlikely that there is anything else there were clear margins for both results. I'm to go back in 6 months for another colposopy. I'm just worried in case bad cells are still there and changing. Am not worried about the cin3 but the CGIN. Any other ladies who've gone through this result would love to hear your treatment routes. I asked for a cone biopsy but she said it was not needed as the letz would be sufficient. She was lovely and explained everything as well as she could to me. Thanks for reading. X 

Cgin is basically the cell changes or pre cancer to adenocarcinoma, it's no worse it originates from the glandular cells rather than the skin cells and just behaves slightly different. treatment for cgin can be different to con depending on the severity in most cases a cone biopsy as it can be present skip a section and be present again although of the cgin was very minor and clear margins obtained I'm sure the lletz would have been sufficient. They will monitor it closely every six months so I'm sure there is nothing to worry about xx 


I have had a similar experience, however my smear (first at age 25) showed signs of Cgin. I had my colposcopy at Bath RUH, where they explain that Cgin although rarer (as it is more difficult to see as its origins are further up the cervix) is no more severe or less severe than CIN. However it behaves differently and can skip layers so is more difficult to monitor. 

Although in my smear they found possible Cgin, diagnosis after a biopsy or Lletz was far more accurate. So I was later told it was CIN 1/2/3 not Cgin. A race occurrence but possible I was told. There is so little information around for us apart from the referral letters and possible leaflets that it leaves a lot of people scared of the unknown, thank goodness for Jo's CC it is a lifeline. 

I hope this helps you, let me know if I can help anymore, but you are definitely not alone. 

Caroline x

Thank you ladies for your replies and information. Xx 

everything above. I have severe CGIN but margins fron my LLETZ weren't clear so I need a repeat. As you've had clear margins I wouldn't worry hun xx

Thanks lemon cat for answering, good luck with your next letz treatment.I am definitely trying to think more positive. Just sometimes feel I'd be better having everything taken out. Crazy I know as I'm very lucky they caught everything before it changed to cc. Xx 

Hi - does CGIN come back on smear results or from biopsies? im only asking because when i went for my colposcopy the dr wasnt going to take any biopsies because she "couldnt see anything". She told me she "would take them anyway becuase sometimes they cant see further up" the results have come back severe changes and im booked in for my LLETZ on 5th may.  I went to  my own GP upon recieveing my results because i was concerned that if they couldnt see anthing in the first place - how would they know which areas to remove. My Dr made me feel much better (NOT) by saying "oh they will probably scrape the whole thing" im really worried as i have no faith in my consultant....she doesnt even open her mouth!

Just really fed up now - even considered going private until i looked at the price!

K x

Mine personally came back after my letz treatment, I didn't have biopsys. They test the piece of your cervix they remove after your letz. I don't know if gcin is picked up by smears ? Some one who who's more may be able to answer this. Hope this helps xx 


My cgin came back on my smear, is very rare for it to happen apparently. 

Hi graceland. I had my colposcopy in Feb after abnormal smear result. I was told before they even did the colposcopy that I had CIN3. She then did the colposcopy and then did a LLETZ there and then. I was told she got it all and that I would receive a letter to come back in 6 months for another colposcopy. 3 weeks later I received a letter to come back for another colposcopy in 3 weeks time (so that appointment was 6 weeks after the LLETZ). I was told at that appointment that the margins were in fact not clear and that I also had CGIN. As I had not fully healed from the first LLETZ (I had an infection) she did not do a second LLETZ there and then as there could be scar tissue in the sample and give an incorrect reading. So she said she will send me an appointment for some time in May for the 2nd LLETZ. I havent got the letter yet, but I wish it would come soon so I know when D Day is!

What everyone else has said. Although my CGIN came back on my smear. I was told that in most cases, the smear detects CGIN as it originates in the transformation zone (the bit of the cervix where the squameous and glandular cells meet and the bit they remove during Lletz. So it tends to be the case that a smear would detect an abnormality in the glandular cells (glandular abnormalities being less common than CIN3). However, what seems to happen (according to my doc) is that CGIN also tends to be accompanied by CIN3. Sometimes the smear picks up the CIN3 and then on investigation CGIN is found too. In my case, CGIN was picked up on smear, but only CIN3 was found only after biopsy.I had LLETZ for CIN3 and then CGIN was confirmed too (which they suspected). As CGIN doesn't tend to be as visible, it tends to show up after biopsy or LLETZ rather than be obvious at colposcopy. It's worth bearing in mind that smears are never absolute or 100 per cent accurate, which is why they do further investigation of both types of cells and sometimes find nothing. 

Something about skip lesions - I was worried about this, but the docs assured me that these are very rare and they monitor you so closely after treatment that if there were any remaining abnormalities they should be picked up.

Hello, I know that this is an older post, but just wanted to say that it has really helped ease some of my fears. I’ve been having so much anxiety about my results (atypical glandular cells), I havent been sleeping or eating. getting some perspective on various outcomes has helped...thank you!