Smear showed CGIN but cone biopsy is clear?? Confused :(

Hi guys, :)

I'm 30 and I've been lurking on here for a while since getting diagnosed with high grade CGIN at the beginning of the year following a smear test.

I've been under investigation for CIN 1 for approx 2 years and so was extremely shocked when my recent smear showed such drastic changes.

My consultant recommended a cone biopsy which I had done on April 13th after much to'ing and fro'ing in my head!!

So now my sample results from the cone biopsy now show only evidence of 'warty' CIN 1 with chronic inflammation and absolutely no evidence of CGIN!!

I'm waiting to see my consultant again but I can only assume that:

A/ My smear test was incorrect/mixed up with someone elses

B/ The sample taken was not large enough to reach the CGIN says that the sample at it's widest point was only 3mm which seems immensely small to me?!

I'm really concerned that this surgery and the last 3 weeks off work (following a complication) were a complete waste of time!?


Has anyone had this conflicting result before?

Thanks in advance guys :)



Hey Sarah, 

I had something similar the smear showed CGin but later after Lletz found Cin 1/2/3. I was told this is possible as the smear result is not as accurate as a biopsy. I was told to trust the biopsy results more that the smear. 


Hope that helps.