Follow up colposcopy - do I have CGIN?

Hi, I posted a few months ago as I had a colposcopy and biopsy for abnormal cells which came back as CIN1 but inadequate as they didn’t get any endocervical cells in the sample.

Today I’ve gone back and the nurse said that she could see low grade changes on the outside of my cervix but possibly some moderate changes in the endocervical canal. Does that suggest CGIN? How could this have been missed before?

Super worried now as CGIN seems to be worse from what I’ve read. If anyone has any experiences, please do share! x

Anyone? I’ve called the hospital this morning and they confirmed is inside the canal so I asked if I could have treatment straight away but they’ve said to wait for the biopsy results. Not sure why as any CGIN needs treatment

They need the results to make the right decision in terms of treatment. Hopefully they wont make you wait too long.

4-6 weeks they said. Seems a long time when I had my first colpo over 3 months ago but hi hopefully I’m in good hands (this time)