Loop Treatment and Biopsy

Well had my colposcopy appointment today, went really well...first thing doctor says is that she will be taking a biopsy and carrying out treatment, so all done. When finished I asked about CIN etc...she said that the biopsy and treatment she had carried out was because the abnormal cells where higher up in the cervix, so not as simple, she also seen something that was of concern. She is hoping she has got all the abnormal cells following the biopsy taken, but she couldn't be sure as cells higher up, so will have to,wait for results, which will take 2 weeks. So the waiting begins again, has anyone else had this? She seemed to take a large piece away as well, is this the norm?

Thanks in advance for any help/advice :)


I literally had to double check when I was reading this that this wasn't a post I had made and forgotten about. I had exactly the same thing. The consultant who carried out mine also said the same about no grading etc which really confused me. However ive since found out that its CGIN rather than CIN that I (and most likely you) have. Same as CIN but higher up as you say. It's not graded either, it's just mild or severe I think x

Thanks Lemoncat, was expecting to have it graded and it wasn't, so that surprised me. Just got to wait now for results.


me too. CGIN isn't graded like CIN though so it makes sense :)