Still waiting

hi everyone


i hope you all had a nice weekend


still awaiting results!! Trying so hard to keep busy but it's so hard


called today and still nothing!

if it was cc do you think I'd have heard by now? 2 weeks Wednesday 

I have spoke to the nurse who said she THINKS IT WILL BE MILD but how do they know? Just want this to be over so I can enjoy my life again 




I did reply to your later post and didn't see this one. I hope it will reassure you to know that they can take a pretty educated guess at what it is at the colposcopy, and in my case I asked the doctor what she thought. She said CIN1 or CIN2 and biopsy results came back CIN2 (exactly 4 weeks after the colposcopy appointment). If the nurse said she reckoned CIN1 (mild) I'm sure you'll get good news. They look at this all day after all, so can probably make an educated guess. 

I know it's easier said than done, but try to relax :-) I'll keep fingers crossed for you

Hey Marie!


My saga went like this:

  • Letter showing high-grade changes
  • High-grade confirmed to be moderate
  • Colposcopy shows what the Dr thought to be mild or moderate changes but it all looked healthy according to him and the two others in the room! 
  • Biopsy confirms CIN2 and apparently no glandular changes
  • LLETZ booked for next week

I think I either DO have glandular involvement, or the path lab err on the side of caution and my abnormality is mainly CIN1 with a small amount of CIN2 - basically if there is any moderate change, they do the treatment, even if it really is just a few cells picked up on. 

Edit: Forgot to add the cruicial info - took approximately 3 weeks to get my results.


Chin up!