Cgin and lletz

Hi. I had a colposcopy yesterday and loop treatment for high grade cgin that was detected on my routine smear. I have a date to go back and get my results in 3 weeks which was booked after the treatment and the doctor told me to bring someone with me (help! Is this normal?). When she did the procedure she saw an obvious patch and told me shes removed all she could see and everything else looks healthy so we just need to wait for results to see what's going on underneith. I am absolutely petrified! And there really isnt much info on cgin online apart from that it can be harder to treat. I hate waiting I just want to know what to expect. Anyone else here been through similar?

Hi there,

Just wanted to say that I've been in your shoes and know how difficult it is waiting for results!You're right in that there is not as much information available relating to CGIN (it's referred to as adenocarcinoma in situ in N. America), because it's much more rare than CIN. My doctor also explained that whle CIN is more localized and on the external part of the cervix, it is easier to apply the treatment and be more sure that they got all the bad cells. CGIN/AIS sometimes presents skip lesions, and needs to be monitored more closely. For example, I had my LEEP in Nov 2018, and I've had two subsequent follow ups that came back normal. I'm now waiting on results from this last follow up last week, but the Dr explained that she would like me to have 5 years of 6mo follow ups before returning to a normal schedule.

At the second appointment, I elected to have an HPV test (in Canada I had to pay for this), and it came back negative. This, in addition to the two normal follow ups are good signs. You may want to ask for it at your next follow up (it wasn't automatically offered to me for some reason). I'm on the side where I prefer as much information as possible so this was reassuring for me.

Try to stay positive during this anxious time (I know this is easier said than done). I'm in a much better place about this all now. I found it very helpful to talk to both my family doctor, the specialist and to seek help through a psychologist.