Cin3 / cgin / lletz

Hi ladies,

I’ve not long turned 28, and don’t yet have any children.

I had my first LLETZ on Thursday last week to treat CIN3 and CGIN. The colposcopy biopsies that I had in November 23 said high grade, but I forget if that was for the CIN, CGIN, or both.

I’ve been HPV positive since 2019, and my cell changes went from CIN1 to CIN3 and CGIN from March 23 to November 23.

I’m just feeling a bit anxious as I know it’ll likely be 4 weeks before I hear if the LLETZ was successful. Has anyone had the results sooner?

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I had my first LLETZ on 28/12.
I’ve since learnt that any case where there’s CGIN involved has to go to an MDT meeting where there’s a group of the consultants/doctors/nurses all discussing your case. Apparently at some hospitals those meetings only happen once a month so sometimes that’s why you’re waiting a little longer to hear. (I don’t know how accurate this is for every setting, but have seen it mentioned in a few places about the NHS)

I luckily heard back within two weeks and have been seen again already. I really hope you don’t have to wait too long xx



Thanks so much for your reply. I’m sorry to hear you’re in a similar situation.

I didn’t actually know what CGIN was, I thought CIN was the only abnormalities - if that’s the word.

If you don’t mind me asking, was everything okay with you?

Sending my very best wishes :bouquet:

I had CGIN around 18 months ago and had Lletz. As the other person has said that when there is CGIN it goes to a meeting for them to discuss, this is always the case for any CGIN results as its part of the NHS pathway. Mine took 5 weeks to get the results which had clear margins so didn’t need any other treatment. I’ve had one follow up smear which was all clear, no changes and no HPV, and I have my next follow up in a few weeks.


Thank you so much for getting back to me.

That’s wonderful news that you had clear margins. I’m really happy for you.

I didn’t realise CGIN was part of the NHS pathway, I’m glad I know this now, it’ll save me worrying about why the results are taking so long if it does end up longer than a 4 week wait.

CGIN means there are glandular changes and apparently that can lead to higher risk cancer than CIN, if they were to remain untreated. I’m glad someone else has replied with a good result for you.

Your biopsies will come back with information about the margins. Hopefully they’re clear and your LLETZ got everything. As you are younger and you’ve mentioned you haven’t had a baby (assuming that you want to) then I think your treatment plan will be different to mine. I’ve seen other people on here mentioning they had another LLETZ and then a successful pregnancy.


Thank you so much @Eagle for your reply.

I know most people would worry about the results showing cancer, but my biggest fear is that the LLETZ wasnt successful and further treatment could hinder my chances of having a family in the next few years.

I suppose its only natural to have these worries. Thanks again for your reply xx