CGIN Abdominal scan

I experienced bleeding during sex and avoided going to the doctor for ages. Eventually I mentioned whilst getting my pill what I was experiencing. I was booked in for a smear and within a week I had a letter saying that I had abnormalities. I went to colposcopy and they discovered that I had CGIN. I had these cells removed and I have been going back to the hospital every 6 months initially and then I was due to go back to colposcopy after a year. This all began in January 2012. I have been tested for HPV and this came back negative. Recently I had bleeding I between periods so I contacted colposcopy and they got me in, not because they were worried but to reassure me. I have just been in today. I had a smear and a biopsy. I am also going to have an abdominal scan. This really worries me and I have cried a number of times. It doesn't help as I have period type pains from the silver nitrate used to stop the bleeding. The colposcopy nurse that I see is the most wonderful woman and always make me feel at ease but I don't know how to feel about the scan. It is going to be booked four weeks from now to ensure that all by results have come back. Has anyone else experienced CGIN and had an abdominal scan? 


Im new to this but had my first colposcopy today following abnormal smear and high grade CGIN.

when I arrived at the hospital they told me i needed an ultrasound.

I also had to have lletz today.

I have an appointment in 2weeks for results.