Have you been told its CGIN?

Hi all,

Following my smear, colp and biopsy it came back with confirmed cgin, for which i have my follow up appointment soon. I was told that the margins werent as clear as they would like and to come back in 6 months.


What i dont understand is how can a smear show whether cgin is still present when it is further up (as opposed to the entrance to the cervix where a smear is usually taken from)?

I know I am getting myself worked up about my follow up appointment and feel that the communciation so far has not been great (from docs, hospital etc).

I always look on here for others with CGIN but find very little.


Would be really helpful (and possibly reassuring) to hear about others experience of CGIN, their treatments and success rate of treatments.

Thanks in advance. 

Hi Hun... Just wanted to wish u well... u can see my treatment so far below.... But yours might be completely different!!! x

Hey,  I did have high grade CGIN but they removed it with Lletz followed by a cone biopsy.  Its a little harder to keep an eye on so I've been checked every 6 months for the last 3 and half years.  Now moved to yearly check-ups.  They can use 2 brushes at the smear.  A normal one and a little one to get higher up for the CGIN.  I find it causes me to get period-like cramps at the moment they take the sample, but its manageable.

I was told that the cone biopsy is very successful for CGIN, so try not to worry (I know its hard). 

Happy to chat if you have any questions.



Hi I am in the same boat and also a little confused.


I had my first smear a couple of months ago and it came back abnormal. I had a colposcopy and the doctor explained my smear results showed endocervical changes. On examination most of my cervix was white on the screen so I was worried. My biopsy has confirmed high grade CGIN and I am booked for Lletz with local anaesthetic on Thursday.


I have phoned and spoke to a nurse and she explained that many cases of CGIN are done with just local.


I was worried that it's more invasive and have seen so many people with CGIN have GA. Also that they might not get what they wanted to and I will need follow up treatment, which just prolongs this whole quite emotional ordeal. 


I'm quite nervous about Thursday to be honest, hear good and bad stories about the Lletz. 


Good luck with everything! :) 

Thanks for the comments guys. I know I shouldnt be driving myself mad as this appt may be different to the last but im sure we've all done it!


Bunny Girl, I had mine done under LA and whilst it wasnt the most pleasant thing, I personally would rather not have GA if it can be helped. Like you, I was quite emotional but I have to say that the nurses with me were excellent and tried their best to talk about silly things and just make the time pass a bit quicker. Everyones experience is different so we all have different stories, both good and bad but one thing that we all have in common is that we are now in the system and treatment will be given when needed.

Keep us up to date with how you get on on Thursday and Good Luck.

Hi I had my first colopscopy in December was told they got it all

And it was Cin3 then got my results a few weeks later conforming

Cin3 and server Cgn changese. The cgn changes Were not mentioned at 

My appointment and I got told.I was discharged!

I have juat had my repeat 6 months colopscopy today. The consultant 

Was confident it was all gone. Awaiting my results then I'll know for sure