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This is my first post here but have been reading through some threads and everyone seems very helpful.  To be honest I'm not really sure what I'm hoping to get out of this post, I think I just need to write this down to try and be objective about it.  I had a smear test in May that came back as abnormal and was referred for a colposcopy which I had this morning.  When I got there, the consultant was taking me through everything and said that they already knew from the smear alone that I would need to have the LLETZ treatment as I had CGIN which I have to admit threw me a little bit as I was just under the impression that the colposcopy was going to be them taking a more detailed look to see if there was anything there that needed treatment, I didn't realise that they already knew for sure that I needed it.  The consultant also advised that it was more than likely that I would get invited back in for another treatment session once my biopsy results come back as she said they often carry out two LLETZ sessions with CGIN as the cells can be harder to get due to their location.  I guess my worry is due to my ignorance on the matter.  Is having CGIN present worse than CIN?  Does it mean there is more chance that there is something worse in there or is the different classification based purely on the difference in the location of the abnormality?  Everything I've read since my appointment (eeek sorry I know I should step away from Dr Google) says that abnormalities in the glands are much less common than the abnormalities that cause CIN so it has got me worried that it means it's more serious?  Also I am worried because I know that due to their positioning, CGIN is harder to detect and I'm worried that it could mean they have actually been there for quite some time and have been progressing and changing for the worse as they may have just gone undetected up until this point, is that possible? Over the last few years I have had problems with bleeding between periods, bleeding after intercouse and pains in my lower abdomen.  My GP carried out a few tests but was never able to get to the bottom of it however she didn't do a smear so I'm worried that all along it has been these abnormalities causing it?  Sorry for the extrememly long post.  As I said I'm not even sure what I'm hoping to get out of putting all this on here other than perhaps just to get it off my chest.  Thanks for reading if you've made it this far! x

Hi there, it’s good to get things off your chest and I find this group very reassuring. CGIN like Cin is pre cancerous and a lletz treatment is the usual treatment for that from what I’ve experienced, I’ve never heard of having a double lletz for CGIN but I have heard of cone biopsy to remove more tissue as it is in a different location and originates higher up in the cervix. CGIN (glandular abnormalities)when it develops into cancer is known as adenocarcinoma and CIN develops from skin cells and is known as squamous cell. I was recently diagnosed with adenocarcinoma and the fact it was less common startled me as well I was told I had glandular abnormalities, but it is treated pretty much the same through all the stages either pre cancer or cancer. When are you due to get your biopsy results? My smear test showed glandular abnormalities they knew that before I went for colposcopy I was also told I was hpv negative. I have read and been told cgin is more difficult to detect on a smear.

CGin can be easily treated though and that’s the whole point of going for your smear, I had a lletz and it’s fairly straight forward.

Good luck and I hope all turns out well for you :slight_smile:

Charlene xx

Hi Sam 

It was so interesting reading your post as I'm in very much a similar situation and timeline so can completely empathise with how you're feeling. You're in the right place for getting it off your chest – when I first came across this site, it was such a relief to know that there was so much information on here. 

When my results came back abnormal, I wasn't told what it was (CIN, CGIN etc) just that I had to go for an urgent colposcopy. When I got the hospital, the nurse said the smear had detected CGIN and said they would be doing LLETZ there and then (which in a way was a relief to get it over with but everything happened so quick that I didn't really have time to process any information. I wish in a way I'd known it was CGIN in advance so I had time to think about what I wanted to ask). During the LLETZ, she also found abnormal cells on the surface which were removed at the same time. The biopsy results confirmed CIN3 and high grade CGIN however they weren't sure if all the cells were removed so they were discussing it at a meeting on Tuesday to see what further treatment is needed. Similar to you as well, I've had pelvic pain over the years etc (and ultrasound came back clear 5 years ago) so worry if it's all connected 

From what I understand,  CGIN is rarer than CIN however is very easy to treat (much more so that in the 'old days'). You may find that the first LLETZ removed everything fine so you don't need to go back – perhaps the consultant was just preparing you so you wouldn't worry if they do need to do it again. CIN is classified as 1-3 (1 meaning not all the cells in the area are affected and 3 meaning they are); CGIN is classed as either high or low (high is equivalent to CIN3) - I'm not sure why they class them differently though.

I absolutely know where you're coming from in terms of worrying about the location of the cells i.e how do they know they've got it all if the cells are much deeper down. Dr Google can be helpful in one respect but you can end up scaring yourself with it (I still get twitchy fingers every now and again though!). I've been really worried about pestering the clinic as I know they're really busy but have decided that I will call them today and ask to make an appointment to speak to a nurse / consultant about all the questions I have. It sounds like my questions are similar to yours so I'll let you know what they say if it helps? 

I know it's easy to say but try not to worry too much, the waiting is difficult so try to plan nice things to do to keep you busy :)

Please feel free to PM if you want to have a chat 

Take care xxx

Hi Charlene

Thanks very much for taking the time to reply.  Sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma, I hope your treatment goes smoothly and quickly.  I should get the biopsy results in 4-6 weeks which feels like an eternity at the moment!  I just can't shake the feeling that these cells have been abnormal for years and that's what caused all my previous issues so I'm worried about how far they may have progressed but obviously I hope that is just my imagination running away with me and that it will all have been caught early enough to be dealt with just by LLETZ.  


Thanks again for your reply. x

Hi Louisella


Thanks so much for your reply, it does sound like we are in a very similar situation. I think I will take you up on your offer to PM you thanks :) x


I had to reply, I had Lletz trearment for CIN and CGIN on Thursday (just gone). I feel exactly the same I'm really confused and worrying myself silly. 

They told me when I got there for the Lletz that I was ungradable so that it's hard to know. I am worried as most posts I read people have a letter after Lletz with there results my consultant booked me an appointment straight after she did my Lletz,  for this weds coming (6 Days after my treatment) to give me my results. I'm scared and confused x