Cervix, HPV, CIN questions

Hello all,

Without googling this for answers just wondering if anyone knows anything that could help fight hpv naturally?
I have been told to drink green tea.
Any other suggestions?
I know it can’t be cured but anything to help my body fight it would be great!

I’ve had 2 smears since my 6month check up in August, both clear but high risk hpv present. At the last one done (end of November) still at the colsp, they said they could see the presence of CIN1 occurring on the inside of my cervix and that my smear would probably come back normal, which it did.
However, with the CIN appearing quite quickly after my last smear in August I am
Being referred again in 6months for yet another check up. I’m guessing it’s attempting to return because of the hpv virus? Hence why I want it gone!Plus they want to see if the hpv has gone by then

Brief history, first smear Nov 2014 age 24, abnormal CIN2-3 maybe present hpv present, biopsy taken, CIN2 with high risk hpv. LLETZ done Feb 2015, clear margains. 6 month check up Aug 2015, clear smear normal cervix high risk hpv. Review November 2015 high risk hpv possible CIN1 starting. Check up in June 2016…

Thanks everyone any suggestions to help try tame the hpv, which should help my cervix would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks x

Can’t help I’m afraid but going to watch with interest.

I am interested in doing the same and believe that foods with antioxidants in is the way to go.  So. Raspberries, Blue Berries, Cranberries, Walnuts, Kale, Spinach and all types of beans.  I hope this helps.x

loads of fresh fruit and veg. Less alcohol, more exercise, a good multi vitamin and lots of water. And most importantly, reduce stress! whatever it takes.....,yoga, guided meditation on YouTube, peaceful walks.....


at my initial colposcopy appointment, the doctor said "no smoking!!" and not in a general, you shouldnt smoke, sort of conversation. she said that they dont know why, but smoking tends to cause the abnormal cells to reappear. dont know if you are a smoker or not, but thought i would pass it on just in case!

incidentaly, i do smoke, usually just socially, stopped after my Colposcopy, as it was indicated i probably wouldnt need treatment, but got a letter to say nope you need LLETZ so promptly started smoking again! lol not a great time to quit, promised myself i will after i get my next letter which will hopefully say that it was only CIN3 and that they will see me in 6 months!

I'm wanting to do the same, I'm due for my 6m revisit for a smear in February,  after having lletz in august 2015 for CIN 3. I found that in 2014 and early 2015 I seemed to be picking up a lot of colds and i started taking a vitamin c supplement in august 2015 after the lletz. Since then I haven't been unwell with any colds or anything else (touch wood), so I'm hoping that uping my vitamin c intake has helped my immunity and hopefully helped fight the HPV as well..


I was told the same about smoking! categorically no smoking!! so I gave up instantly ( I have my 6 month review in March and HPV test of cure) I have also been taking multi vitimins and evening primrose oil and at night time I have been taking calms to help me sleep so that I can destress.


I am not sure what else I can do aside from the healthy eating.. I ve tried to cut out as much alcohol as possible but at the same time i want to enjoy my life.

I hope I have done enough however if in March it is still present then I will re evaluate my lifestyle. good luck