Advice really needed


I wrote before as I got an abnormal smear test result which I found really worrying. I had a colposcopy which found CIN1 and high risk HPV. They want to re do the colposcopy in six months.

In the meantime I want to do everything I can to help my body. I am drinking copious amounts of green tea and have started taking Vitamin C. I was also advised to take a ‘good quality’ probiotic but I am at a total loss as to which one I should use? There are so many. Does anyone have a good experience with a particular one?

I am feeling quite alone and worried. Any advice would be really appreciated.

Thanks so much everyone


It's so worrying isn't it? I'm not sure what a good probiotic would be but you could ask in a health food shop. On a positive note it is kind of good that you have six months to be able to get yourself back into good health without needing intervention yet. I've been looking into ways to cure cervical dysplasia naturally and came across a couple books, one is called Your Cervix Just Has A Cold, and the other I forget the name, but if you're interested I'll look it up. 

The Patient Paradox by Margaret McCartney is another good book for reassuring you that you do not have cancer, and chances are the cells will recover and clear up by themselves. Fingers crossed for you! 

Thanks for the books I'm in between having had the Leetz and my 6 month follow up smear. all been a whirl wind. Had two years of bleeding between periods and after sex due to pills and I paid for private smears yearly and nothing showed up for three years then boom October my 2nd nhs smear just a year later from my private one even had a colscopy before anyway cin 1 + 2 and hpv. the hpv bothers me because it's left to luck to be gotten rid off so I'm glad you posted these materials and good luck to anyone goig though this.  It's a common thing but ever openly discussed so this forum is amazing for support I find a lot of comfort reading here