Hoping someone will be able to give me some help! I had my first smear last October which came back showing abnormal cells and HPV positive. I went in for a colposcopy and had 2 pinch biopsies taken which came back as CIN1 and was told to wait a year for a repeat smear.

Had my repeat smear done last month. Results came back as abnormal cells and HPV positive again. Back for a colposcopy and this time she took 2 pinch biopsies then made a small cut to take some more cells.

I have had my results today and they have come back as having CIN2 on my cervix along with the HPV.

I have now been given an appointment in March to go in for what I’m guessing will be another colposcopy. I am getting really worried as my mum had to have a hysterectomy at 34 due to abnormal cells.

Any advice would be much appreciated!!
Thank you!

Hello, my consultant told me they don't always treat CIN2.  Sometimes they like to leave it and see if it goes on its own, depending on how it looks and what characteristics it has (especially on YOUNG women - my consultant kept saying, "with YOUNG women", I'm guessing at 34 I no longer fit this category, lol) so it sounds like it will be another colp to me, BUT I would call them and ask because I am not an expert.  It will put your mind at rest :)

These are very slow growing cells so they do have time to change their minds and get better. keep up with your dr visits always. If you receive treatment, you may be cleared right away. Most people only need minor treatment and these days there are different options. 

Be thankful this was caught early and don't miss apointments!

I agree, call your dr if you are unsure, they are there to help and to take away your stresS!


Take care!