Worried- advice please

Hi ladies - a bit tof a long story but i will start from the beginning. in november 2011 i had my first routine smear, came back with CIN II- i was referred to colposcopy and had LLETZ treatment in november 2011. I went to the doctors for my 6 monthly check up in July 2012, the results came back with no abnormalities but positive for HPV- so again i was referred to colposcopy and this was confirmed, no treatment needed. This is where the confusion begins....! i recieved a letter asking for me to have 12 monthly repeat smears and slao another letter stating i needed no further tests for 3 years. In the meantime i have been having some bleeding after sex and some abdominal pains- i was referred for a scan (tummy) overies etc measured and all came back ok. Now just to be safe i booked myself in for a repeat smear (as one of my letters requested) i turned up to the nurses room and she has refused to do the smear as apparently i do not need to have another test for another 2 years. This caused me to book in at a private hospital to see a specialist gynocologist- she explained everything to me- that i was tested just as the legislation regarding hpv/smears changed. So i had a smear test last week two brushes, i must say this was very painful :( immediatly after doing the smear she said i had started to bleed quite badly. She also said that when looking at my cervix there was a red area and from the naked eye looks like the cells that are from cervical columb are protuding out? i am expeting results next week but has anybody had the same or can offer advice to what may be going on?

Jemma x

I hate it when everyone ends up telling you different things!!

It sounds like she was describing a cervical erosion - completely harmless - you can google it. If you are HPV postive you def should not be going back to 3 yearly smears, you should be going back after 6 months or going straight back in for a colp


Good luck! I ended up going privately too 


thank you :) i will have a look now x