Cervical Smear Results

Hi there, I’m writing this to see if anyone has experienced this during testing/investigation…

I am HPV Positive and have ‘Low-Grade/Mild Dyskaryosis. I have now been referred to have a Colposcopy.

When receiving your results from your smear, have any of you had worse results after your Colposcopy?

I know my results are low grade but I’m now beginning to wonder if this is why I have excruciating and crippling pain in my right flank, pelvis and back.

Hi! Sorry you have found yourself part of this group but wanted to say this forum has been a wealth of information for me personally.

My first abnormal pap that showed HPV only showed “cell inflammation” so I was asked to come back in 6 months to recheck. When I did go back, I had HSIL (or high grade dysplasia) which was very shocking to me as I only had inflammation showing prior to that. I was referred to a gyno (I went to my regular doctor for pap’s usually).

I had a colpo done and it showed a result of CIN2 which I did need a LEEP for to remove those cells- had that done July 29th.

But to answer your question, my doctor informed me that yes sometimes the results can be varying between the smear and colpo biopsy. However, whatever it shows (low grade, moderate, or even high) it is something that can be taken care of :slight_smile: many women find themselves in this situation every single day. They have the procedure to remove what may need to be removed and then they carry on with life! I hope your appt goes well!


Hey :slight_smile: this happened to me. I had an abnormal smear in April that came back low grade, went to my colposcopy where they biopsied because they said it looked like it may be more high grade
Got my results back and it came back CIN2 so they took it to an MDT meeting because I’m young and haven’t had kids yet, to decide whether to do the LLETZ. They found out they’d misgraded my smear :roll_eyes: so my smear was actually high grade! So they decided to do the LLETZ.
I had it done today under general anaesthetic and, whilst all the waiting for results etc since April has been horrific, the procedure itself was so easy and not traumatic at all under GA. I would highly recommend having it done under general not local