Awaiting 2nd colposcopy

I am hoping for a bit of reassurance as I have a colposcopy tomorrow.

I had my first abnormal smear last year (Low grade dyskaryosis and HPV). The colposcopy showned no need for treatment or biopsy, so I was discharged and refered to go back in one year for my next smear test.

My smear test this year has come back the same again (still low grade dyskaryosis).

My Mum had was treated 3 years ago for stage 2 cervical cancer, and my best friend was diagnosed with cervical cancer a couple of months ago and has just had a trachelectomy. So, the whole cervical cancer scare is a bit close to home for me.

Should I feel fairly calm that my smear results are still showing low-grade? should I expect anything different from my colposcopy tomorrow than I experienced last year?



Hi, there is probably nothing to worry about, if they see anything above a CIN1 during the colposcopy you may need a LLETZ, but that should clear things up so no need to worry. 

I too may scheduled for a second colposcopy but my first smear showed CGIN AND CIN 2 so had cells removed bt lletz - second smear shows borderline changes and now worried about going through it again! Havent heard from many people that have had it twice so slightly worried xx