CIN1 and colposcopy appointment

Hi ladies,
I’m back again!
To give you a brief summary of my journey til this point, in 2015 I had my first smear, abnormal result, colposcopy and biopsy CIN1 and HPV - was told I’d be called back for a repeat smear a year later. 2016 I had my repeat smear and they rushed me back up for a LLETZ it all sounded very urgent in the letter - then at the appointment I was told I didn’t need a LLETZ that day and probably didn’t need it at all YET and had a biopsy taken - again it was CIN1 and HPV has gotten worse apparently. I was given an appointment for 6 months later which is on 3rd April 2017, it’s just under a month away and I’m already anxious. Is this normal? I’m so scared that it’s gotten worse although I know that’s the whole reason they keep calling me back is so it won’t get too bad too quickly!
Please someone help keep me sane xx

hiya i dont really have any helpful advice im not very knowledgable as im awaiting my first colposcopy i just didnt want to read and run, hope your okay and that time doesnt go too slow for you xxx

Hi, I am only at the stage of low grade dyskarosis and high risk HPV, awaiting results of colposcopy and biopsy done last week but I can imagine how anxious you must be feeling with your experience.

What I would say is that if they were very concerned about you they would have done the LLETZ and would definitely not turned you away, which suggests waiting for your next smear might give you a kinder result. From everything I have read on here the medical folk don't mess about if results from biopsy show CIN2 or CIN3. Having HPV does make you think abnormalities are serious but again from what I have been reading over the last week sometimes the changes are caused by HPV rather than an indication of cancer (to grow in the future). Try and focus on keeping calm, getting plenty of sleep and eating healthily to boost your immune system to help fight the HPV.

Again I know it is all easier said than done but keep yourself focussed on the positives, it's treatable and you are in the system and being closely monitored.

Good luck for April xxx

Thanks ladies

I think I'm mainly freaking out cause I have to go straight back to colopscopy rather than going for a smear like last time. I guess maybe they think I'll have to go for a colopscopy this time again so they're cutting out one of the processes. 

Also freaking out cause my hubby is going to America and I won't see him til the Thursday which is a long time to wait if the appointment doesn't go well :( 

Hi there! I just came across this thread as I just got my results from my first colposcopy that yeilded results showing CIN1. My doctor said that because the first biopsy only tested a small section of tissue, I will have to come in for a second colposcopy to biopsy more surrounding cells to see if there is a possibility of higher grade dysplasia. Unfortunately I have to wait 3-4 weeks between colposcopies so my cervix has time to heal in between. I would guess this is similar to your situation. Unfortunately that means a lot of waiting and testing and waiting for results. The waiting is definitely what drives me crazy, as it gives my mind time to jump to conclusions.

Best of luck to you!