Worried about colposcopy

Hi all I’m new to this, I recently had my first smear test, it came back high grade dyskaryosis (severe), I had my biopsy and treatment yesterday. Ive been reading everyone elses experiences and they all talk about CINs, nothing has been mentioned about CINS to be, at my appointment yesterday she said she agreed with my smear test. Now I’m slightly worried is that normal? 

or Do we find out the CIN with the biopsy results? 

Thank you x

Hi Newbietothis8818

I had exactly the same at the beginning of May so I went for my colposcopy and had the LLetz procedure done same time it's uncomfortable but I didn't find it painful at all. I got my results back 2 weeks later telling me they had found CIN3 but had removed it all so I have to have a cure smear in November to make sure it's still clear.

I hope this helps a bit