Different results each time

Hey there 

perhaps like many of you I am having a bit of a freak out and just in need of some reassurance.

i had smear in sept, came back 'borderline'. I wasn't mega concerned. Was sent for a colpo as tested positive for high risk hpv. At colpo, she did a biopsy and thought she had got all the dodgy cells. 'See you in a year' she said. Not so. Now I have a follow up lletz for the 4th October (5 weeks after colpo) and it says that I have high grade CIN (which I believe means 3, unclear).

I don't understand how the results can differ so significantly. From borderline to high grade. What's that about? Is that common? 

have to say also, since colpo and biopsy, sex has felt a little different. Like someone is touching a bruised bit of flesh inside (which I suppose they are!) has anyone experienced this and how long will it take to get over it if so?

i also feel a bit of pressure in my lower belly. I have literally just noticed this since I found out about the high grade changes so perhaps it's a touch psychosomatic. Started to worry i might have pelvic inflammatory disease or something. Just to top things off, you know.

any advice would be much appreciated. 

Thanks ladies



Hi - I did reply on an older thread to you so have copied and pasted here - didn't want you to think I'd ignored your question!


Sorry hun - I only just saw this. Mine was kind of opposite. I had a high grade smear test. I then had biopsies taken by lletz which came back completely clear. I had already been referred to another hospital as the area looked too large to treat at colposcopy so I had another colposcopy at different hospital and went on to have it treated under GA - the tissue results then did match the original smear test result. 

My only guess is that they didn't get the biopsy deep enough originally or that the affected area was difficult to reach?

I only found out recently after another smear that I have high risk HPV which I have not cleared. I was offered yet more treatment or hysterectomy which I had done last Wednesday. But I'm 46 and most definitely done having children so it was a bit of a non brainer. I'd had enough of the colposcopies/biopsies/Lletz merry-go-round. 


Hello, I had to have a biopsy yesterday after going for a colposcopy and finding abnormal cells, this was after a clear smear but high HPV - 6months after a LLetz. i am also so confused with everything, i also don't know if i should be worried as i was just going for a check up and had to have a biopsy. i wish they gave us more information about what is happening and what to expect.

i also get pains in my stomach but wasn't sure if it was related to anything or just period cycles.

how long after your biopsy did you experience pains?

I think a bit of pain and discomfort is to be expected after biopsies as they have taken some chunks of flesh from you and they need a bit of time to heal.

Also lolo - I've just re-read your post - did they not advise you to lay off sex for 4 weeks after your biopsy? This could be cause of your discomfort as it would likely still be healing hun. If you get any other symptoms I would get checked out for infection also.