Cervical biopsy results

Hi everyone,

I called the clinic today to see if they had my cervical biopsy results. I had a colposcopy on the 3rd feb after I went to the GP with post coital bleeding. I also have lots of cervical cancer symptoms. The lady on the phone said “it’s very unrealistic to expect your results to be back after 3 weeks but I’ll check” and they are back. She told me she couldn’t discuss my results with me as a specialist nurse needs to review them and I need to wait for a letter.

Of course now I’m even more worried, why did they come back early? And why can’t she tell me what they say? Does this mean it might be bad news? Has anyone else had this experience? Thanks

I haven’t had this experience but just here to offer hugs and understanding. I’d be feeling the exact same way especially with her saying it’s unrealistic. That was honestly rude in my opinion, one of those things that just shouldn’t be said because now it makes you wonder. And honestly it could just be because usually everything takes forever in her experience.

My thoughts are with you and hoping for a better than expected result :blue_heart: the wait is horrendous!

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Thank you so much! It’s all very stressful! It’s just worrying me that she made it sound like they never come back that early so I’m worried why mine has!

Admin staff should never give out results, so if you spoke to a receptionist, they are not allowed to give them. She is correct in saying they need to be reviewed by a specialist and should be given to you by a medical professional.

Hi there, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had such a stressful experience, I’m also waiting for colposcopy results and it’s incredibly stressful, however in case it’s helpful to know I’ve been quoted 3 weeks for mine (I only had my colposcopy on Monday) - it might depend a bit on the specific area or lab used but 3 weeks may not necessarily be as fast as the receptionist is saying.

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I know admin staff can’t give results, it was a nurse I spoke to. Thank you though :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, right…sorry…how strange she couldn’t say anything and you have to wait longer. Hope you hear something soon.

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Don’t apologise :slightly_smiling_face: and yeah I think it was because a specialist had to look at it first? Who knows! Hopefully I’ll have the results soon x

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