Awaiting biopsy results

Hi. I feel a little a little silly for worry but thought I’d ask for advice all the same.

Almost 7 weeks ago I was sent for a colposcopy where they took two biopsies. I still haven’t had my results back yet. When I’ve called the hospital back they’ve said that they have called the lab and nothing has been reported.
I’ve been fairly worried as my first cervical screening came back inconclusive and this is only my second and they’ve picked up on HPV and abnormal cells. She said it could just be CIN 1 Bbut possible 2 or 3 but that I would receive my results within 4-6 weeks. I go on holiday Sunday and have just been left to worry now with nothing to really go on. All she would say is “they may have sent your biopsies to another hospital”. Is this normal?

What a pain in the ass!

Could you try calling the hospital again or your GP? If you tell them you're off on holiday maybe they would chase them for you. As if the waiting isn't bad enough....

good luck 

t x