I am new :) 

i had two smears earlier this year last in April & came back normal but first inadequate, my worry is 

I went to my GP with severe back pain & gp asked if my results from my colpscopy had came back 

which I informed her I hadn't had one my results where normal...but I was supposed to of been referred due to mistake 

with the results...anyway I have had bleeding after intercourse for few years & came off my contraception which helped

but reappeared I have lost weight recently too & my periods been stronger. I have been refereed to gyno for clopscopy 

& had to have two bioposies which were 19 days ago awaiting the results, I have a telephone appt next month to get 

my results just wondering if I will get them sooner? Also I have had intetvourse & bleed after I bled for around 9 days after

the procedure 

Hi and welcome. It’s not a hard and fast rule but the longer you have to wait for results the better the news! The waiting is the very worst part and every lady here will tell you that! Hope it all works out for you.

Aww thank you a few people I have spoken to have said they have rang before the date to inform them of news so I'm hopefully it could be good news if I haven't heard yet fingers crossed x