CC confirmed



I found out yesterday that following my lletz 2weeks ago they have found CC.

They are having meeting to discuss next steps next week but i was just wondering if any of you ladies could tell me what the next steps usually are?

I have read about people having blood tests and scans to see what stage it is at?

The dr just said to wait and a nurse will call me after the meeting as he couldnt really answer any of my questions.


If anyone could share their story of 'what happend next' that would be great.


Thanks xx



They will have mdt meeting and decide what's next after checking ur mri results, and go from there. 

I was diagnosed on 16/03 had cone biopsy on 20/04 results 3 weeks later and staged as 1b1, was told it was best to have hysterectomy which I had done on 08/06. I am now 11 post op and feeling great. If you have any questions I will be happy to help xx

Hi grace

i was diagnosed on 13th may, after having punch biopsy and lletz at beginning of May. Since then, after the mdt meetings I have had a EUA, examination under aesthetic, to be told I am 2b, I have an appointment on Monday to get my treatment plan under way, also,have my ct scan for tattos on monday, and hopefully starting treatment very soon, I need radiotherapy, chemo and brachytherapy. I has an ultrasound at end of April which showed up a ' suspicious' mass, and here I am now on 19th june waiting to start treatment, it's a long old journey, and I'm sure if you've not heard it yet, you will- the waiting is the worst part! It really is, feels like ages and ages ago this all started! So be prepared for hospital visits, tests etc.... Before you start anything treatment wise. I hope all goes well for you, if you need a chat, I'm here as we all are


take care 


tracy xx

Also had PET scan, and mri scan, so many tests etc.... Drives you mad lol x

Thanks for your reply.

i had an iltrasound the day of my first colposcopy & lletz & he said that was normal.

I havent had any other scans/tests yet.

Im 28 & havent had children yet so really hoping i dont have to have a hysterectomy!

Guess i just have to wait for MDT meeting.

I had my smear 5weeks ago so i think i have been quite lucky so far with waiting times, its obviously different for each hospital.

Hope u continue to feel better post op :)



Thanks for tour reply Tracy.

Its nice to have this to talk to people who know what you are going through.

i guess just more waiting untill MDT meeting :(

Good luck with your treatment!


Good luck Grace. I am having a hysterectomy for 1b1 next Thursday . I have been lucky that it hasn't been too long a wait for me - im don't know'of its government guidelines but I was told a maximum of 62 days or 32 days from the actual diagnosis for surgery where I am attending.


I hope you dont mind me asking but were you given any other options than a hysterectomy?

I just hipe this next week goes quick then at least I will know next steps.

Best of luck for ur operation xx

Hi there 

I was diagnosed from lletz on Monday feels like a very long few days. At colposcopy they said it wasn't anything to worry about too. Mine was stage 1a1 my consultant said if I hadn't had a family already I could have had a 2nd more thorough lletz so they may offer you this? Or there are ways of removing cervix but keeping the rest can't remember what it's called. Because my cc was caught early the mdt meeting decided I didn't need a mri.

I have decided to go for full hysterectomy as want no more children, but I am sure they will discuss all the options with you. 

All the best of luck. Xxxx

Thanks for replying.

I havent been given a stage yet.

I will ask about all the options when they call, just trying to find out as much info as possible before.

Good luck with everything xx

Please keep in touch and take care you sound a very strong lady. Maybe have a chat to your gp he/she might be able to give you some more info whilst you are waiting. Xxx

Hi meg


Just wondering how you got on with your hysterectomy as i am having mine on tuesday for 1b1 and any advise.




I think i will give the nurse a ring at the hospital on Monday she if she can give me any more info, its going to be a long wait otherwise.

Yes I will let u know how i get on.


Hi ya

I am going in on Tuesday for my hysterectomy and don't know what to expect and feeling nervous. Is there any advice you could give.



Hope you are ok, just thinking of you any joy with calling nurse today xx

Hi Sarah,

Im doing ok thanks, managed to speak to the nurse Yesterday but she couldnt really give me too much info & said she will be able to give me all the info after the meeting on Monday.

Roll on Monday 29th!! The waiting is defo the worst part!


Hi Grace 

how are you doing? Do you have a plan in place now xx