CC Confirmed but more tests to come

Hi All, my consultant confirmed today that I have cc, I had already had the MRI but when I had the meeting today they couldn’t give me confirmation of the stage because the MRI report had not been received yet. The CNS was fab and really put me at ease, the tumour is about the size of two wallnuts on top of each other, partly in the cervix and womb. I need to have a PET scan next to confirm treatment. The consultant seemed to think radiation / chemo therapy was the likely treatment but the CNS thought a hysterectomy was more likely. Should have my PET next week and then get a plan in the next 2 weeks. They also mentioned having an internal exam under anaesthetic as part of the next tests, has anyone had experience of this? Feeling ok but just need to know what I am dealing with!! xx

Sorry to hear of your CC diagnosis!! I had my diagnosis earlier this week so still coming to terms with things. I've had an MRI scan so far to stage it and Im back at hosp Tuesday to see consultant and find out how they plan to treat it, so no experience of PET scan so far but I know what you mean about the waiting, the not knowing exactly what I'm dealing with is driving me nuts and adding to my anxiety! Lots of ladies on here have already told me that once you have a treatmemt plan it gets easier, so stay strong and keep focussing on one step at a time, we can do this!! 

Hi Lewisia,

I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis.

In relation to the examination under anaesthetic, I think most people have that as part of staging. I had it at the same time as my second LLETZ and what I found a bit less worrying about it was that they can usually tell you what they found (if anything) straight afterwards rather than having to wait ages for lab results so that's a bit less stressful :)

Best of luck with your treatment.


Thank you ladies, had my PET / CT scan yesterday and my consultant should get the results next week hopefully in time for their next MDT meeting on Thursday the 6th! everything has happened quite quickly really so I am lucky but the waiting is just so hard! still have no idea what the stage is xx

Best of luck for the 6th - we'll all be thinking of you.

I have my appointment on Monday 3rd.

The waiting is the WORST. Now it's approaching I kind of do and don't want to know at the same time.

Sure we'll both feel better with a treatment plan and dates in the diary to work towards.

Hope you have some nice distractions planned for the weekend.

Take care



Hi Rachel, Hope Monday went well for you? Did you get a treatment plan confirmed? Was thinking of you but not had a chance to get online! My MDT met today and one of the nurses called me this afternoon and said they think it’s 2b, no other info given! She said best to speak face to face so I have another meeting with the doctor next week to get a plan, she did say it looks like chemo and radiotherapy for me though xx


Hi Lewisa

Sorry for the delay in replying.

Had my meeting and EUA this week and they have said I can have radical trachelectomy end April. They will remove lymph nodes too to make sure and if they are positive they will abandon op and I'll have chemo/radio. So it is looking positive for surgery but no promises (which I can totally understand).

Hope you have your appointment sorted now to discuss in more detail?

There seem to be some great chemo/rad groups on here, so if it is that option hopefully they can offer some useful advice.

How are you feeling?

sending lots of positive vibes to you xxxx


Fingers crossed for you Hun, I go back on the 13th April so will hopefully know when things will start then?

I haven't had the EUA yet, not sure if that will still happen? Feeling fine really, just want to get started! How are you feeling? Xx

Hi Lewisa

Yes hopefully next meeting you'll have clarity on next step, dates etc and something in the diary to work torwards.

I imagine they will still want to do EUA - most of the ladies here seem to have had them. Seems to be standard procedure to make sure all lines up from what they have seen from biopsy, MRIs and any other procedures you've had so far. They should also update you the same day on this examination (so hopefully no more agonising waiting around). I saw the surgeon after the EUA and he told me there was no news, so good news.

What do you have on the 13th? is this your EUA or another appointment?

Yes feeling ok I think, going about more day to day normal life now, and trying to do normal things like go into office, see friends, work colleagues etc. It's all still a bit surreal and I must admit, there are some people I haven't told yet ( such as friends who I am not always in touch with), as I can't really deal with any new reactions right now!

Hope you have something fun planned this weekend and have been in the sunshine?

Best wishes