Carnt stop thinking that im not cancer free

I finished  treatment  in March i dont get a scan  till july the tumour  was  putting  pressure on  my ureaters so i needed  bilateral nephostomys in April  they were only  able  to remove one  nephostomy  as the other wss still  not  draining  urine  to my bladder  good enough  I'm  so worried  this means  the cancer  is  still there all i wanna  do is  cry xx

Hey,its only natural to worry,we all do it. Did you get any info after your brachy scans? try calling your cns nurse,she will be able to reassure you a bit:)

I really shouldnt talk as I can worry for Scotland haha! I have to go for an ultrasound of my neck tomorrow as I have a strange swelling....of course my mind is telling me its the cancer come back to finish me off.( i seriously hope not)

call your nurse tomorrow,please xx


My mri before  my first  brachy the  consultant  said it was  reducing  i asked at the  time  when i  had  the othet one  out they  said it cud b a number  of reasons  dnt stop me worrying  thou  they  struggling  to get me an appointment  with a urologist my consultant  felt my neck  last  week n said  keep  an eye on it  for lunch i fink it a side  effect of treatment  good  luck  for tomorrow x