Had my hysterectomy 15 months ago Suffered “spottin” the last 2 months so got to go for an mri tomorrow so scared and no1 to talk to

Hi Claire,

i don't have any words of wisdom I'm afraid, but I noted that your post was sent in the early hours, so I recognise how anxious you must feel as I have been there myself. It's good that you are getting it sorted and have an MRI soon. I know when I was anxious about things I spoke to my specialist nurse, who has been helpful in trying to explain things and give me other perspectives. I am beginning to realize that feeling anxious is par for the course for all of us who have been through cc, but being able to share here and speak to health professionals is so important. Don't bottle things up. I wish you all the best for your MRI. Do keep us posted as we are all here to support each other. Take care.

Hi Claire,

Thinking of you. Hope you get some answers very soon.

Big hugs,


Thanks for the comments ladies Getting my results tomorrow so can’t sleep again through stressing Will let you know how it goes tomorrow Thanks once again xx

No recurrence of c big weight been lifted off my shoulders x

That is great news. You must have been so worried x x 

Hurrah! :-D