Advice needed

Hi ladies, hope u r all doing ok. I'm nearly 3 months post treatment and at first check up was told no sign of cancer. Good news. I now have a scan on 4th jan to confirm but panic is starting to set in! I've had a niggling pain under my right ribcage and I am freaking out about it! I've went from such a high to thinking all sorts again!!! Hate this feeling! Kim. Xxx

Hi Kim,

I know I will feel exactly as you do in the coming months until my MRI.  I have pains in my chest today which is bo doubt muscular but Im imagining all sorts and I only finished treatment 27/12 so have a long way to go!!  Just really wanted to wish you luck on the 4th - nearly there now!

Let us know how you get on wont you, will be thinking of you