Can I still get cervical cancer after my hysterectomy?

I'm mixed up as I've heard different opinions from different drs. After dealing with cells and surgery for 12 years, my next surgery is a hysterectomy. Does this mean that my chances of cervical cancer are finally gone? 

Please tell me your experience with hysterectomy.


thank you very much if you respond in any way at all

Hi Wenspics,

Sorry to hear what you've been through. Sounds like it's all been going on for a long time, can appreciate it can't be easy. I've had 5 years of this which feels quite long enough.

It's difficult because I guess there aren't always answers. I find that anyway. I've asked about hysterectomy. My situation is I have high risk HPV that my body can't seem to clear and for tjis reason I'm high risk for CC. My consultant told me I could still get abnormalities, just in my vagina instead of my cervix. But hysterectomy is obviously used, and some time back I chatted to a lady who had one for abnormalities so hopefully you'll get some people come along who've been through it. Your doctor may be able to answer yourr question, especially based on their knowledge of your situation and the type of hysterectomy recommended, as I guess everyone is different at the end of the day.

All the best to you.


Thanks Twilight. 

I wish it was easier to deal with. I don't want to go through more surgeries to have it come back again but I guess that's not my choice now is it? 

Hi Wenspics,

I really feel for you, this nightmare is such a difficult one to live with ... I understand that the cervix is only a certain length and so I guess eventually there comes a point when they have to look at removing it to treat the abnormalities. Very very tough, and challenging on so many levels.

The lady on here who I chatted to at the time she had her hysterectomy had everything tested and they said they removed all the abnormality. She was having a vaginal vault smear 6 months later, and hopefully everything worked out ok for her. Hopefully it will do for you too. 

Take care and please feel free to message me anytime if you ever need to chat x

Thanks again! :)