Hope i've posted this in the right place.

I've suffered with abnormal smears for over 15 years, having had previous operations to remove cells as well as the 'normal' LLetz Loops.

For the past year ive been having smears and biopsy's every 3 months  and each time the cells have come back CIN3 within the 3 months and i've tested positive for HPV:-(

I'm now on the shortlist for an urgent Hysterectomy.    Im 38 with 1 child (8) and gutted that it means so no more children. My husband and I have been trying for another child for over 3 years with no luck.

In a way I cant wait to have the H as i'm hoping it will stop the years of anticipation of forever getting abnormal smears and contiuous treatment, but in the hand I'm so confused about the future, including how I will feel as a woman.

I also want to add that the last 3 years have been very difficult as my beautiful sister has had Cervical Cancer and has been through hell with the treatment.   I know this should make me jump at the chance of a H and it kind of does, but still im concerned.

Is anyone else going through this or has any advise?

Im hoping to have keyhole but there is a possibility it may turn into open surgery due to my cervix and C section scarring.

Sorry to ramble and I hope that made sense.



Hello Sam

sorry to hear the problems you've been having.  The only advice I can give you is to be proactive on this. Have the hysterectomy as a means of preventing bigger problems later on.  I'm much older than you (52) and have 2  of a family now 19 & 23 and feel blessed that I have them.  I know you treasure your little one and that will continue to grow in the years to come.  I've had CC like your sister and I've had a radical hysteretomy and elected to have ovaries removed at same time, follwing this I've had chemo, radio, & brachy wihich all ended 01/07/13.  I wouldn't wish it on anyone - I can relate to your sister's hellish time.

Don't be concerned about how you will feel as a woman - you will still be a woman, with all the emotions & feelings that you had before and possibly much stronger.  You will still be 'you'.  Focus on your lovely child & family, they will support you like never beore, having already had the heartache of your sisters cancer.  


I hope your surgery goes well and all your fears are dispelled.





Hi Sharon

What beautiful words, thank you so much :-)

how are you feeling?

My sister had the same, Chemo/Radio and Brachy, which was horrendous and has left her with life long problems so I absolutely respect you in coming on here and giving advice.

I am trying to be positive as I know its needs to done.  Prevention is better than the cure is the motive im trying to follow.

I do I dont feel different, I suppose its more so that I really would have loved another child this will be final.

My consultant is hoping to have me in in a matter of weeks.


Thank you Sharon

Hi Sharon,

I had an open radical hysterectomy for CC…it’s not exactly a walk in the park but if it protects your future then it’s worth it.

As for feeling less of a woman, I guess that’s a personal feeling which will differ between us all, but I do feel much stronger now. I don’t feel any sense of loss in body if that makes sense? I did struggle when recovering from the op as it took me a while…so I felt a loss of my lifestyle. But that’s all coming back now.

Best of luck with it all xx

Hi Sam

I had my hysterectomy done back in march for recurrent CIN3 and HPV positive . Over 18mths i had three different lltez to remove the cells without any success. After much dicussion with the consultant and reassuring him that his was what i definately wanted, he finally agreed to it .

Im only 35 with two children aged 6 and 5 , and i suppose i did it for them knowing that by removing the cervix completely it would elimate the risk of cervical cancer.

I can honestly say it has been the best thing i have ever done , no more worrying and I feel like a hugh weight has been lift off my shoulders , i dont think however much anyone tells you it will all be ok does it not stop you from worrying .

The recovery wasnt a walk in the park , and i have only just gone back to work 5mths later , i just felt emotionally and physically exhausted but starting to feel like me again. i have had a truely wonderful partner and family who have supported me through it all.

The last hurdle now is a smear in september to ensure none of the cells are left where the cervix was attached and then the joys  of a possible  early menopause when my ovaries decide to stop working !!!

I can now joke with my female friends when they are moaning about periods, im done and dusted !!!! and encourage them all not to keep missing there smears .

I hope everything goes well for you

Kelly x

Hi Kelly, thank you so much for your response and sorry its taken so long to reply,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ive been trying to bury my head in the sand :-(


I have my operation date of 14th November 2013 and i'm extremely nervous.

My consultant has me down for a Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy but ive been reading that this cant be done if you havent given birth naturally. 

I had a crash C section with my son so im worried like mad that I cant have keyhole and will need a full open wound surgery, which is longer recovery time.

how long was you in hospital for?  Im hoping to be back at work within a couple of weeks...........




Sam x