Vault Smear after Hysterectomy

Hi ladies - I just wondered if anyone has had experience of Vault Smears after a hysterectomy?

I had my total abdominal hysterectomy in August 2013 after having abnormal smear results. I'd managed to get through my whole life without being called back but from December 2012 they've all been abnormal. The cells showed up as severe changes and  'atrophied' which my gynae says was probably because I'd just had the menopause.  The histology showed HPV in my cervix and because of that the gynae said I'd have to have a vault smear at 6 and 18 months.  I've just been for the first one today and now have the long wait for results.  Having had so many abnormal results in the last couple of years I'm totally freaked out at the prospect of another abnormality. 

Does anyone know what they actually do if a Vault Smear comes back abnormal?

Another odd thing is that a friend of mine who had a hysterectomy because of similar problems only had to have one follow up Vault Smear at 6 months yet I have to have two.

I'd be really grateful for any advice




Hi Louise

Sorry, I haven't got any advice - I have just been checking back regularly on your post as I wanted to know the answer too!  It looks like poss the people who have read it have not had abnormal vault smears which is very positive I guess.

I'm due for my first vault smear on 4th April and must admit its been on my mind a bit ever since I read a post from a lady saying cancer had been found in her vault.  Mind, this was found only about 4 months after her hysterectomy so she must have been having indications there was something wrong.

Have a look on the Hyster Sisters site , I saw some posts about it on there.

Hugs, Cheryl.xx


Hi going back tomorrow for my 18months vault smear, feeling anxious about it.  I tell  myself that it is quite rare for cells to return to this area, but still doesn't make it easier.  Fingers crossed.  Has anyone else felt like this.  What happens if cells do reappear?  I understand how you feel Louise

Ellie x