Hpv and abnormal cells after hysterectomy


I had my hysterectomy in February leaving my ovaries and tubes hoping this might be the last treatment but unfortunately my results this week say I still have hpv and abnormal cells.

To add to this I’m having light bleeding most days and this has been going on for about three weeks. I’m booked in for colposcopy in a few weeks to check this out as it’s pretty miserable at times.

I’m naturally worried as I’m not sure what happens next other than they are keeping an eye on me to see if anything develops.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?


Dear  K:

How bloody annoying and worrying.

I'm not quite sure where you are with this, probably because I'm a little slow! 

Am I right in thinking that you were never diagnosed with cancer? You had CIN3 diagnosed and then had a hysterectomy when you kept your cervix, or was the CIN 3 present when they biopsied your removed cervix? I just didn't know you could remove a womb and leave the cervix - did you have the hysterectomy for another reason than a CC worry? It just seems odd that they would not take your cervix when you have had persistent CIN3 and HPV.

I guess you had a smear that showed the abnormal cells, so I imagine, if necessary they could whip out the cervix which would knock all this crap on the head for good. If I have completely misunderstood, then I guess you had a vault smear, but then I don't see what the coloscopy is about.

Sorry to be utterly no help, but any which way this is a worry and I hope it all turns out OK.

t x

I understand that CIN 3 was found in the removed cervix after hysterectomy.

The abnormal cells may come from the vagina, and a colposcopy can detect any dysplasia there. When we do a colposcopy for abnormal cells in the cervix they also check the vagina (at least my dr does).

If you have any lesion on your vagina, they may control it, wait and watch, because it may go away alone. Vaginal cancer is really rare.

And maybe your treatment is still too recent. These abnormal cells may be a false positive?

Teresa, I've had persistent cin3 and hpv and after loop, lletz and two cone biopsies opted for a hysterectomy this year. All preventative thankfully but every set of results comes back the same.

It seems to be an ongoing set of tests, treatments and waiting after my original scare nearly four years ago of it 'might' be cancer and worse case is a hysterectomy.  I guess I was hoping for good results this time round within hpv or abnormal cells! 

I'm now having light bleeding and my next big test is March although I have a emergency check up next week for the bleeding.

I guess I knew before what might be next and now I feel in the dark again which is the scary bit again.

Fingers crossed Pipo you're right and it's a false positive.

I guess I also never thought it would continue to be such a pesky little strain of hpv!

I'll keep you posted. 




And yes my cervix is gone, which is why I'm wondering what happens next :-(

Today i was in colposcopy to check out the bleeding and I was told it is granulation (I.e. Not healing properly) at the top of my vagina. 

They have treated using local anaesthetic and silver nitrate to help the healing but i may need further treatment under GA.

My consultant is hoping the bleeding and abnormal cells are down to the granulation but can't rule out it being abnormal cells at the top of my vagina. So they are keeping a close eye and have taken a biopsy. 

Back to the waiting game and fingers crossed it's nothing more sinister.

Fingers crossed for you its just granulation tissue x

It's certainly a test of your mental ability to stay sane and somehow fix on the positive! 


Good news on New Year's Eve to say it was indeed granulation and the biopsy they took at the time came back clear.

Next steps are potentially laser treatment to the top of my vagina to treat the granulation. I hope this is soon as I've had continuous light bleeding and pain during sex, so I'm more or less avoiding this for the moment!

I've still got my regular smear type test in March to check again for any abnormalities and fingers crossed I finally get the all clear.


Hi its nice to know I'm not Alone , I have recently had my results back after my 3rd loop , which was a tophat, they came back cin3 again , since my first smear at 25 this has been ongoing with no breaks same result each time even after being hopeful that the treatment has worked , am now 27 nearly 28  and my consultant thinks a hystomrectomy  is the way to go , im just thankful that I have had my children early , still does not stop the worry of how I will coap as a single mum , going through  surgery like that , all the best ladies xx


I'm almost a year on from my hysterectomy and overall it hasn't been as bad as I imagined.  If you do go down that route take all the help you can from friends and family.

Its surprising how quickly you heal and hey you've already gone through child birth!

I still have the worry in the background but the operation has given me some sense of relief.

I hope everything works out for you x


thank u for wishing me well , had my vault smear yesterday , had my hystomrectomy  in March , everything was going well till about 4 months po , when I started to have bleeding from the other end (bum) , am now waiting for a appoiment for that end and waiting for the results of the fault , and one very strange thing that is happening is in seem to me lactating  leaking milk from boobs which is making me freak out , glad to hear u got the all clear from the pesky Cin , I'm praying that I do too x 

Sorry to hear that. All sounds pretty awful to deal with. 

I don't think anything prepares you for all the other things that happen and freak you out. Plus we all have slightly different things to deal with so no doubt my experience is different to yours. 

I've been dealing with regular light bleeding which has been treated twice now with silver nitrate on the scar tissue which refuses to heal. It can make you feel pretty rubbish at times. 

I hope yoour results come back ok x