Can I request yearly smears?


Sorry if this topic has already come up, I am new the forum, and just had my 3rd routine smear (first 2 were totally normal) and this time the letter came back saying ‘low grade dyskaryosis’ and slightly abnormal cells. I was also tested for HVP and this came back negative. The letter outlined all the risks concerning HVP and because its negative ‘no action’ is required and that I don’t have to come back until 3 years (as normal).

On researching this (I live in North London) and it appears different in other areas/countries and people with my result are more closely monitored. I understand I am considered low risk but don’t feel particularly comfortable waiting another 3 years to ‘see if it resolves by itself’. Planning on going back to my GP (who is never particularly helpful or willing in terms of referrals)- in short will they give me yearly ones if I request it? Is there anything else I can do?

Thanking you all in advance


It sounds to me like you need a new gp and you have every right to ask for a second or even third opinion on NHS. 

Hi, I had a smear & abnormal changes to my cervix last year & after my colposcopy the lady said they'd see me in 3 years but I was invited back a year later so hopefully you'll go back sooner than you think  :)

I went back today & as a precaution they took a biopsy, they will look after you.  They said 40,000 women a year get breast cancer & that cervical cancer only effects around 2,000-3,000 women a year.  They advised me to eat more fruit & veg & take vitamins everyday to help boost my immune system to fight the HPV off.  She said if she damaged my cervix by taking a biopsy today, my body would send hundreds of white bloods cells down to repair my cervix & those anti bodies would also help fight the virus off, of course I let them & it didn't even hurt, the speculum hurt more! 

I left feeling quite reassured :)  They said 90% of women have it & have fought it off, it can lay dormant in your body from anything up to 10-20 years

They said not to stress over it because worrying can have an effect on the immune system (that's hard for me because I have chronic anxiety)

I am sure they'll see you more frequently though until you get 1-2 clear results


Best wishes


PS - I had low grade too but a positive HPV infection