Change in screening post cancer

I had stage 1a cervical cancer in 2016 after a normal smear 3 years earlier. I also had no symptoms either. I was successfully treated, given all clear but told annual smears after for the next 10 years. I’ve stuck to almost the exact date each year, and have been hpv negative for last two. This year I’ve been told I won’t be entitled to an annual smear, because apparently there has been a change in protocol since I was diagnosed. No explanation, no support, just a get lost until 2024 (nurse at my practice was great though). I’ve got other health issues now, affecting my immune system, so I’m pretty anxious. I’ve contacted colposcopy and the gynae dept at my hospital for advice. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m a mum and the anxiety is huge. I know logically without HPV present risk of cancer very low, but I had a clear smear to full blown cancer (and a pregnancy in between so cervix checked) but no symptoms and so I know either something was missed in the past, or my cancer was aggressive. Has anyone had a change in their treatment plan without any communication? Any advice would be really gratefully received! Or where else I can go. Can you even get a private smear post cancer? Most sites say no.

Hello yes 2024 for next check up honestly is just wrong.
But if you are HPV negative then you are in a very good place. Maybe you could do a yearly superdrug HPV private test is about £45 and if you are negative then nothing to worry about . And congrats in your good results. Take care


I was going to suggest the home hpv tests too. At least then you will know if the hpv comes back and can request a smear immediately if it does.

I’m pleased to hear you have been clear for so many years. I’m about to have my (late) second 6th month check since being diagnosed with 1a1 in April 2021.

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Keeping everything crossed for you. Yes Ive been really lucky.

Update: after getting in touch with colposcopy, just got a call from nurse at GP and she said lab have (miraculously) reviewed my history and yes I should be on annual smears so booked for next week. Really demonstrates how you have to be all across your own health needs and fight for what you should be getting.