Conflicting stuff online about HPV - some help please X


I had a recent smear which said I had high risk HPV but my smear was normal. The letter said to go back in a year for another smear. 

My GP said it takes years for HPV to progress to changes (approx 15) but I know that isn't true as ladies here have had positive HPV and normal smear to a year later having severe changes.

I have researched many countries do paps every 6 months in my situation so I am having a private smear in November then my NHS one in April. 

My query really is should I absolutely pay privately to keep on top of this and how quick can these changes happen?

I contracted this months ago so I know I can fight it by boosting my immune system and giving up alcohol (I am a non smoker). I am just terrified i have a cancer causing virus and feel out of control. 

I totally understand you concerns. A few years back I had an abnormal smear and was aked to repeat it in 6 months time. My HPV was low grade and my body seemed to get rid of it by itself. I think you need to have a chat with your doctor to be honest

Thank you I went last week to chat about it and I have high grad HPV and he said most get rid but a lot don't and research suggests it doesn't seem to matter if you take vitamins or not because sometimes there is no reason for it to linger. I came out even more freaked out. 

Hi im 20 and paid private for mine as in my country the age to be tested is 25, i have just been diagnosed with 3 types of High Risk HPV and i have to go back in a year, im the same im terrified incase i get changes and it turns into cancer, i cant stop thinking about it and i dont know if i should wait 6 months and pay again to go back as im that worried. Hope your ok xx