Can I request a hysterectomy?

I had my 3rd LLETZ in January. This time the biopsy said CIN1 also with vaginal HPV. I still went ahead with LLETZ and I’m pleased I did as the LLETZ actually came back as CIN2.

So that’s 3 LLETZ all for CIN2. I have an appointment with my gyne soon for her to check my labia as I’m worried about VIN and also want her to check my vagina again for abnormalities.

Test of cure will be in the summer but when I have this appointment, can I just flat out request a hysterectomy?

It’s so so stressful going thru all this each time. I think I still have enough cervix for maybe another LLETZ but I just don’t want to do this again for a next time. As I’m pretty sure there will be a next time.

Anyone else gone thru this and asked to just have it done instead of keep waiting and treating?

Hi, i was wondering and hoping the same thing!!
Im 51 and and post menopausal, i’ve been back and forth to coploscopy since i was 18!!
I had biopsies taken 5 years ago from my cervix and vulva but all came back borderline and unspecified dermatitis on my vulva, they should have had me back in to check in 2021 but i fell through the net because of covid, went to the doctors end of january with a 4 day post menapausal bleed and was referred on the 2 week pathway, had a ultra sound and transvaginal scan, all came back ok, saw the gynae oncologist and he did my overdue smear, that came back high risk hpv and high grade (severe) dyskaryosis, went for LLETZ and vulva biopsies (had 6 stiches) on 2nd march, still waiting for my results! Im so sick of all this now and feel like im just waiting for it to be cancer, ive been a total mess these past 6 weeks x

Hello, I had 1 Lletz going for second one soon, also feeling like Hysterectomy is the way to go for me I have my kids already and don’t want anymore.
I think you could definitely ask for it, my gynecologist said it will be OK if after my 2 Lletz I still have abnormalities to get Hysterectomy.
Is not a definite cure as HPV can still damage other body parts but for sure it stops cervical cancer.

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So sorry!! Honestly the waiting is so hard. I always think to myself… someone somewhere knows what my results are but I have to play the long waiting game to be told myself!

I hope you’re feeling better now after the biopsies. I’ve always said to my gyne and it’s marked on my file that I’m happy to have ANY results over the phone instead of waiting for a letter or an appointment for them. For me personally, I’d find any bad news easier to digest in a phone call. Then follow up with an appointment (if needed) so I had time to think about questions or treatment options. Thankfully my hospital have been really good at adhering to this request. This might not be the right thing for you, but if it is, you could always call the secretary and see if it’s something they are happy with.

I hope you’re not waiting too long x

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It was mentioned a few times before my 3rd LLETZ but I declined. Mainly as I thought I had CIN1 and just wanted the cells gone. I think if I knew straight away (without the re test) it would be CIN2 I would have opted for the hysterectomy

Good luck on your appointment, but yes definitely ask for what you want .
I am personally very tired of so many Colposcopys to check for abnormalities is been going on for 3 years now and about 2 Colposcopys per year, I do think Hysterectomy could be easier to manage than the constant monitoring I been through all this months


Hi my experience is that my consultant has advised hysterectomy after 3 LLETZ, all for CIN3, because still no clear margins and no cervix left to excise. I think overall guidance depends on multiple factors such as age, margin status, and other factors that might support need for hysterectomy. Good luck x

Hi ladies sorry for what you’re all going through. I’ve been offered a hysterectomy but I’m not sure whether to have one. I can’t have another colposcopy because nothing to take and I’ve only got mild changes. But I’ve had high risk HPV for at least four years hence the offer of a hysterectomy. I’m giving myself one last chance to get rid of HPV before my next smear in June. If it’s not cleared then, to get off this cycle and roller coaster, I’ll probably have a hysterectomy but for me at least at the moment it will be a preventative measure. And of course HPV may return even if I’ve cleared it this year and I’ll be back to where I am now! Ask for a hysterectomy if you feel it would benefit you. Hope all goes well x

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Hi. I had lettz in September and results were cc grade 1a1 and HPV positive. 2nd lettz in November and results cin3 and HPV positive. Advised to go back in 6 months and appointment arrived it is in 3 weeks. Do I need a hysterectomy? What is going on?

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So sorry to hear that.
If it was me personally, if I ever got to CC stage then I’d absolutely have a hysterectomy. That’s just me tho. I’ve had my children, had so many various treatments for abnormal cells I just wouldn’t be able to not.
Hope you’re ok x