Abnormal cells & HPV after LLETZ

Hi all,

As background I had a LLETZ & diathermy back in February for CIS and just got my results of my 6 month smear and there’s more abnormal cells and still high risk HPV, so I’m back in for another colposcopy.

Has anyone here been in this situation?

I don’t really know what to expect because the letter this time is so vague. At this point I’d really rather they just offered me a hysterectomy instead of either conservative management or repeat LLETZ and spending who knows how many more months with it hanging over me and who knows how many more appointments and can’t face getting my coil refitted again as it was horrendous last time due to scarring and I’ve had real problems on other birth control.

I know how you feel. I’ve had repeated abnormal smears for the last 5 or 6 yars now, and just had a 2nd lletz last week. I can’t keep doing this and would prefer to have a hysterectomy if it sorts it once and for all (Im 48 so really dont want any more children), I will let you know what is suggested once the results of last weeks biopsy come back. x

Just to say I’m in a similar situation (though had cold coagulation for CIN3) and I remember finding out it was still there and I felt like such an anomaly! There doesn’t seem to be tons of experiences of people for who HPV persists. My doctor has made me wait for further treatment, which has added an extra year on top of all the estimated waiting times due to Covid, and I really wish they’d done something there and then rather than waiting.