Decided to get hysterectomy

After cin3, cone biopsy, and recurrence of hpv and lsil, my doc recommends the total hysterectomy. I’ve taken many months to get over the grief of not having more kids, and the fear of surgery, but I’m finally going to schedule it.

Anyone else in the same boat? Would like to hear positive thoughts to get me thru to surgery which I’m still fearful of. Thank you in advance.

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Hello hianon I had treatment for CIN 3 but margins not clear and back to square one I have appointment in August to see what to do next my doctor is giving me 2 options hysterectomy or 2 LLETZ like you I already have my kids and trying to figure out what is the best for me. I think if I go for 2 LLETZ and then back to constantly worry it may come back will be very stressful and also going for LLETZ and eventually having to end up with hysterectomy also very annoying as extra surgery. Really feeling Hysterectomy best option scary but after all done probably better quality of life I guess. Good luck let me know how you get on

Dear Hianon,

Unless you are very young and want more children, I would say go for it! Three and a half months ago I finished Chemo, Radiotherapy and Brachytherapy for Stage 3c2 Squamous cell cancer. I had NO IDEA I had cancer until I started post-menopausal bleeding. When I heard I had cancer, and quite advanced cancer, all I could think was - why didn’t I have a hysterectomy 20 years ago! I was diagnosed with CIN2 and some 3 back when I was in my early 40s. I had 2 x LLETZ and, because I still wasn’t clear of abnormal cells, a knife cone biopsy, which is where they take a deeper and larger area by hand. A few months after this I had a colposcopy, which was clear, and cervical smear tests every year until 2017, when I was deemed I would be ‘too old’ to have another in 5 years. They were all negative. They were wrong.

When my cancer was diagnosed (after delay of months getting a biopsy because of the clear smears) the gynaecologist stated “well with all your scar tissue they (cervical smears) were probably not sampling the correct tissue”. In other words I was not clear of abnormal cells, but because of the multiple operations to my cervix they were not identified and my cells (and cancer) has been growing for years.

I was never given the option of a hysterectomy, as it was thought that at 41 I was too young. Now I wish I had - because the current simple screening measures may well not be adequate for women who have had previous operations for bad cells. I do wish you all the best and will keep everything crossed for you that, whatever you decide, you stay well and healthy and never have to go through advanced cancer treatment. I now have the all clear (NED) but will be closely monitored for any recurrence, but the side effects of treatment are many and can go on for a long time, as you’ll read here.

All the very best - and I mean it.

Jackie x


Jacks133 thanks for this information and I am sorry they got it so wrong all this years ago and hope you are doing well now. It certainly makes sense to just get it all done with hysterectomy instead of the half way measures let’s see what my doctor tells me in a couple of months :crossed_fingers:

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Thank you! Yeah I’m tired of the constant worry of whether or not it will come back or not. I mean, I’ll still always have worry, but it won’t be as stressful as before. I wish you luck as well. It’s good that we are staying on top of it.

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Wow Jackie… yes, the point of having this hysterectomy (at 40) is definitely to prevent me from going thru a worse diagnosis when I get older. It’s crazy to think that you did everything right and had negative tests and still it progressed to cancer. I’m so sorry to hear that, but pleased to know you’ve overcome it. I had three years of negative tests and they were just about to decrease my screenings when I got a positive. This is all so extremely scary, but Im going to keep thinking positively.