Bump on cervix help.

Hi guys,

Around 2 years ago I felt a small bump on my cervix, was seen by a gynaecologist at the time who told me it was a nabothian cyst. Fast forward I have a lot of people look at my cervix over the past two years. MRI May 22 as I have endometriosis and saw a consultant in October 23 who did a pelvic exam but didn’t mention the cyst. I can still feel it, I had a Smear on Monday just gone and asked the nurse to check it, she said she could see a translucent bump there in keeping with a cyst. (her words not dodgy at all) the thing is feel as if it has gotten bigger. I don’t know if they can grow??
I do suffer with health anxiety since having skin cancer 2 years ago. I don’t know if the explanation given of a cyst by numerous professionals over the past two years plus the nurses assessment a few days ago should be enough. Just after a bit of advice please. Thanks Rach