Lumps on cervix

My best friend went for her yearly smear test but nurse had a big job getting past a 3cm 'lump' covering her cervix. The doc was called in and she was told he thinks its a polyp. She went to the hospital where they examined her and said that it wasnt a polyp and it couldnt be twisted off... it was 2 lumps 'like boobs' and they didnt know what it was. She is now waiting for another appointment. Im quite worried about her especially as the doctor said he didnt know what it is. Anyone else have this? Thanks xx

this could be nabothian cysts, I have them and are going for coposcopy on monday. hope this helps

When she was examined by the hospital they tried twisting them off but were unable to. If it was cysts wouldnt the gynaecologist have known? He was very baffled and admitted he had no idea what they were and he had to speak to his collegue who was off that day. My friend said that they were on the outside of her cervix but just as big and wide as the opening to her cervix if that makes sense? X

And shes being referred for an MRI x