Suspected Nabothian Cyst isn't what it appeared

Hi everyone,


Just wondering if there is anyone where the specialist thought they may have had a Nabothian Cyst but when it was biopsied it came back otherwise?  


I went in for my papsmear before holidays (I was literally flying to Vanuatu for a holiday with my family the next morning).  The doctor found a lesion which bled considerably when she did the papsmear.

I was referred straight to the gyno.  I went the day after arriving back from my holiday.  He said that although the papsmear was negative, he would check the lesion.  I was also told I was carrying the HPV virus "other" strain.  He initially did a Coloscopy but after having a good look did a biopsy.  He said he would probably be a Nabothian Cyst but would contact me if the results said otherwise.

Sure enough I have been contacted within 5 days of the biopsy and need to go back on Tuesday for an urgent appointment for cells that need an immediate review.

I am trying not to worry, but this is raising so many red flags and from what I can tell something that appears as a cyst and comes back otherwise may be a form of cervical cancer.

Just wondering if anyone else has been down a similar journey as it is really confusing.




So sry I can't answer any of ure questions I cudn leave n nt reply I hope all went well today at ure app x



I know this is an older post but I'm going through a very similar situation. 

Went to the doctors after feeling a little lump on the side of my cervix, irregular bleeding (after intercourse now and again). Doctor took swabbs it bleed a lot and did an urgent referral. I had s colposcopy  and the gynecologist said there and than that it was a spot and it will go away by itself. Discharged

5 months later the lump has got bigger, bleeding has is still very much of daily life, getting pelvic pain. I'm constantly feeling dizzy (doctors have done my bloods come back clear) im am loosing weight very quickly which is not like me, gone a size 12 to small 8 in space of 6 months. 

Went to back to the doctors last Monday and had two ladys obe being a doctor to do smear test and swabs as was now due smear now. Bleed straight away and there was a lot of watery discharge no smell. The other doctor said is doesnt not look like a nabothian follicles which is what the gynecologist i seen for the colposcopy said it was apparently. She advised me ahe is going to speak to someone and come back to me. 

I had a call yesterday to say i now need to book in another urgent referral to gynecology which i have booked and is on the 21st of this month. 

Has anyone had anything like this before?

It does scare me as i had abnormal cells in 2009 i was 19 and resulted in having the loop excision. Doing the maths its been 11 years since then. Plus my mother had breast cancer at 41yrs.

I knkw i can only sit tight and wait and see but my god its all i can think off ?