Bowel pain

Hello ladies, hope you are all well.
I’m 15 months post treatment for 3C2 and for the past couple of months have been suffering with terrible bowel pain. It doesn’t happen often but when it does the pain is horrible and it doesn’t improve until I can do a poo. This usually happens when i’ve been eating badly which makes me think it might be constipation but I never had it this bad prior to treatment. At first I was concerned I had Proctitis but there’s never any bleeding. Sometimes mucus and urgency but the worst is the pain which is usually accompanied by bloating. I mentioned these symptoms to the oncologist at my last appointment and he is referring me for an MRI at my next appointment in March. He said he didn’t think it was anything of concern but wanted to make sure he was thorough at my next appointment. Anyone had anything similar? Wishing you all a merry Christmas and good health in 2023!

It sounds to me like radiation enteritis but that said i think other things ought to be excluded. March seems too long to wait to me. If it were a recurrence, no matter how unlikely, it could be the difference between effective treatment or not. Maybe speak to your nurse and see if you can pull that scan forward just for peace of mind.


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Hi Joix,

Can I ask how it went? I have just developed the exact same thing at 7 months post treatment for 3b.

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Hi Sam,
I had a CT scan with contrast which was all clear. I still get the pains now and again but I keep on top of it with my diet. I need to make sure I have plenty fibre or a fibre supplement and then it’s manageable. Speak to your nurse about getting a scan if you haven’t already x


Hi ladies. I’ve had the same issue and was referred for a SeHCAT scan which showed severe bile acid malabsorbtion. It’s a common side effect, so worth asking your doctors about. X