When does it get better?

Hi all,

I am 10 months post treatment, in remission from 3b. I’ve had so many side effects recently, severe bowel pain, bladder weakness and bubbles, seemingly appendix pain, kidney pain. I can’t sleep in my own bed because of the pain and having just had covid every time I cough I pee. I can barely eat anything anymore and feel pregnant all the time my tummy is so swollen. I had a CT scan today to investigate.

Please tell me this gets better? I feel pretty hopeless right now.

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Hi SamG,

Have you spoken to your CNS about the pain you are experiencing? They may be able to refer you to physio to help with the pelvic floor stregnth, and suggest things to relieve the other symptoms in the interim. Hopefully the CT scan will give answers and then a permenant solution will be made to help you.

All ladies experience different pains and after effects of treatment some right after and some a lot later on. Some resolove on their own and some don’t.

My Bowels are not the greatest (radiation proctitis started 3 years after treatment) and I do feel bloated quite a lot, I found out energy drinks and coffee do not help, so stopped drinking those. It has improved somewhat.

The waiting is hard, hopefully there will be clear answers and solutions for you.


hi @SamG

I know we’ve spoke on other threads. Hope your CT scan went okay and that it shows some results. Being in pain and having to manage side effects is the worse. Cancer is the gift that keeps giving. So happy you are advocating for yourself

For the last week I’ve managed to work out the main pain I am feeling is from gas and hunger pains from not eating. Twice a day I do some gentle exercise targeting my pelvis, stomach and legs. I also do some light pressing on my right side to release the gas.

This is helping reduce the pain to a 1 or 2 out of 10. The hardest thing has been relaxing myself because if I stress or get anxious the pain just doubles. Easier said than done.


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Hi, thanks for replying, my CNS is in touch and aware, she’s just waiting for the scan results. Can I ask what your symptoms were for proctitis?

Hi Mena,

Thanks for your message, the scan was incredibly painful (lying flat is the worst at the moment) but quick. Hoping to get the results quickly.

I’m so glad you finally have a plan in place and can move forward! Keep in touch x

Hope you get the results sooner than later.

So, to start with the symptoms were - bloating, wind (very bad :nauseated_face:), diarrhea, constipation, then as tome went on mild rectal bleeding, then more frequent and reasonably heavy, this was acompanied with perid like pains.

I went for a colonoscopy and then a colon CT and they confirmed it.

I have been taking multi vitiamins and since then the bleeding had reduced greatly, but im still bloated and windy.

Oh my lovely I’m so sorry, is it something that will ever go away?

I dont think it will ever totally go away, but diet helps a lot.

They are reluctant to treat it as it involves cauterising the blood vessels, so unless it really impacts day to day activities you have to manage it.

It doesn’t bother me really now, it’s calmed down quite a lot.