Post treatment bowels

Hi Ladies,

im getting my MRI/PET results monday post treatment.. im very up and down emotionally menopause symptoms have started and my bowels seem to be playing up and when i eat certain bad foods im in so much pain. I think i need to really change my diet drastically because Im suffering in pain. Has anyone else suffered this after treatment and is it normal- tenderness and bloating and upset stomach? I just panic about everything now. 

Ive just been kind of eating whatever since going through treatment as was off so much food and felt sick. Now im worried ive put myself at risk for eating bad things for a few months :( 

Really hard to find out whats the new normal.


Hi Cesca

I am 13 months post treatment and still have bowel issues. One day they are fine and then terrible the next. 

I have also had a lot of stomach issues since treatment - I've become very sensitive to foods I used to enjoy, I also get bloaging and upset stomach if I eat too much or too quick and things like uncooked garlic or onion make me feel sick. My oncologist thinks I have a malabsorption issue from the treatment. 

I am now doing the FODmap diet to see if that helps. My oncologist recommended it and said to keep a food diary (which i havent yet). Maybe mention your tummy troubles to your team?

It is all about getting to know you're new body. Weird I know. 

Good luck for Monday. Let us know how you go. 


Rosie xx

Thank you Rosie,

that sounds just like me also. Must be a normal side effect from treatment and something to deal with as and when it happens. I mentiones to my team on monday and they said see how it goes for a few more months and if still a problem then they will refer me.

Francesca xxx